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Some of my happiest memories reside at Camden Yards, the old-timey, red-brick ballpark at the edge of downtown that which is marking its 30th anniversary this weekend. At least once a year, it’s where my daughters and I have a standing date. They’re not huge sports fans, but there’s a connection to the Orioles and the stadium that always gets them excited.

"Wear and carry" applications in Maryland rose more than 600% from June 23 to July 11 compared to the same period last year, according to state police. This follows a U.S. Supreme Court ruling in June striking down New York’s rules for concealed weapons permits, and Maryland Gov. Larry Hogan's subsequent suspension of a requirement that applicants provide a "good and substantial reason" for possessing a regulated firearm.

Election Results

Election Results

See a full list of results from Maryland's primary election.
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An illustration that includes a Maryland state map, blue and red stars, a sign that reads "Vote" and numerous campaign signs.

Columnist Leslie Gray Streeter


6/16/22—Exterior of Building E of the Greenwood campus of the Baltimore County Board of Education.

What could’ve been: Things would look different had the Baltimore County school board not stuck with a disputed 7-vote ‘majority’ rule

It’s still unclear whether the Baltimore County Board of Education is allowed to stick to a voting rule that calls for seven yea votes to approve an agenda item. Things would have been different if they hadn’t.

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New night market in Howard County seeks to provide place to celebrate Asian food and culture

The Asia Collective Night Market is preparing to hold a night market in August in Howard County, which is home to a growing and diverse community of Asian residents. A similar effort focused on breathing life back into Baltimore city’s almost forgotten Chinatown lost momentum during the COVID-19 pandemic and faces an uncertain future.

Better Baltimore

No exaggeration, deer are everywhere in the Baltimore area
A deer in the grounds of Lake Roland Park in Baltimore County.

Baltimore health clinic building still unfit to use one year after OIG report finds it unsanitary, workers say

Meet Baltimore City’s small but passionate graffiti removal unit that’s taking on rising service calls

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Can coach Sam Brand’s basketball odyssey build Carmelo Anthony’s dream in Baltimore?
Sam Brand, Director of the Team Melo AAU Program.

Baltimore’s biggest math problem: Why the city’s vacant housing crisis isn’t getting better

Longest living Jane Doe: A Baltimore woman’s decades-long search to find her identity