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About Us

About Us

Our mission: To be an indispensable resource that strengthens, unites and inspires our Baltimore community. We will accomplish this through trustworthy, quality journalism that tells the varied stories of our people, delivers local news that readers are willing to support, and holds our leaders accountable. As a nonprofit founded by The Venetoulis Institute for Local Journalism, we are truly independent and we do not endorse leaders or political candidates.

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Whether the news is happening downtown or in the surrounding counties, we’ve got it covered — because we believe that strong local news is essential to a strong community. And we’re committed to being a resource that locals trust to keep them informed about the world that’s closest to home.

When our city knows more, we can become more.

Chairman Stewart Bainum, Jr.
Founding Advisor Ted Venetoulis
President and Chief Executive Officer Bob Cohn
Editor in Chief Kimi Yoshino
Chief Marketing Officer Klas Uden
Chief Revenue Officer Sharon Nevins
Chief Technology Officer Biswajit Ganguly
SVP of Finance and Analytics Michael Katz
SVP of People, Culture, Diversity Andre Jones
Managing Editor Andrea McDaniels
Deputy Managing Editor Richard Martin
Head of Newsroom Audience & Digital Experience Emma Patti Harris
Head of Newsroom Strategy Monique Jones

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The Baltimore Banner Board of Directors

Stewart Bainum Jr. Chair, Board of Directors, Choice Hotels International
Sandy Bainum Actor, Singer, Dancer, Producer
Bob Cohn President and CEO, The Baltimore Banner
Janet Currie President, Greater Maryland - Bank of America
Jedd Gould President and Owner, Mediabids
William (Bill) L. Jews Professional Director, Former President and CEO, CareFirst Inc.
Brian McGrory Chair, Boston University Journalism Program, Former Editor in Chief, The Boston Globe
Shanaysha Sauls CEO, Baltimore Community Foundation
Josh Tyrangiel Executive Producer / COO Eden Productions / Kunhardt Film

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Remembering Ted Venetoulis

Ted Venetoulis was a champion for journalism in his hometown of Baltimore and a fervent believer that energetic reporting is necessary to safeguard American democracy. For more than a decade, he spearheaded the fight to bring Baltimore’s newspaper back into local hands. At the time of his unexpected death, he was key advisor in the effort to launch the nonprofit Baltimore Banner as Maryland’s most important source for local news.

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