Whether the news is happening downtown or in the surrounding counties, we’ve got it covered — because we believe that strong local news is essential to a strong community. And we’re committed to being a resource that locals trust to keep them informed about the world that’s closest to home.

When our city knows more, we can become more.

Chairman Stewart Bainum, Jr.
Founding Advisor Ted Venetoulis
Chief Executive Officer and Publisher Imtiaz Patel
Editor in Chief Kimi Yoshino
Chief Marketing Officer Klas Uden
Chief Insights Officer Hyuk Lee
Chief Philanthropy Officer Bill Warren
Head of People, Culture and Diversity Andre Jones
Managing Editor Andrea McDaniels
Deputy Managing Editor Richard Martin
Senior Director, Audience & Experience Emma Patti Harris

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Remembering Ted Venetoulis

Ted Venetoulis was a champion for journalism in his hometown of Baltimore and a fervent believer that energetic reporting is necessary to safeguard American democracy. For more than a decade, he spearheaded the fight to bring Baltimore’s newspaper back into local hands. At the time of his unexpected death, he was key advisor in the effort to launch the nonprofit Baltimore Banner as Maryland’s most important source for local news.

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