The Baltimore County Police Department is investigating the arrest Wednesday of a 16-year-old in front of the Baltimore County Public Library in Woodlawn, where last month, officers were accused of using excessive force during the arrest of a different teenager inside the library.

The video shows two officers trying to forcefully restrain the teen who is wearing a backpack. Shouting can be heard. It’s unclear from the video whether the shouting is coming from the teen or from onlookers. One of the officers is uniformed, the other is in plainclothes. The plainclothes officer appears to strike the teen in the head and grab his face. Two more uniformed officers arrive in a patrol car to assist as the two finally manage to handcuff the teen.

“Per department policy, this matter will be reviewed as with all use of force incidents,” said police spokeswoman Joy Lepola-Stewart. “There is body worn camera footage of the incident.”

The two officers were identified as Officer K. Cooper and Detective E. Vicarini. Their full names were not immediately available.

The teen was charged with second-degree assault, disorderly conduct, and obstructing a police investigation, police said.

Hugo Kugiya is a reporter for the Express Desk and has formerly reported for the Associated Press, Newsday, and the Seattle Times.

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