Kaitlin Newman


Kaitlin is a Baltimore City native, minus very brief living stints in several other states. Kaitlin got her start in the journalism industry at sixteen years old writing and shooting for her high school newspaper. She eventually progressed into news as a freelancer for publications such as The Baltimore Sun, The Baltimore Business Journal, Buzzfeed News and others. Kaitlin spent half her life learning and refining her skill set to tell the stories of many people from many different walks of life. Journalism has always been a huge passion for her and the privilege to be able to help others by giving them a voice and a platform is what fuels her everyday energy. In her spare time she runs a photo blog, Visual Individual, in which she documents her personal life, creates photo tutorials and answers questions about the photo industry. Outside of journalism, Kaitlin is passionate about tattoos, macaroni and cheese and small town antique shops. She currently resides in East Baltimore with her blue heeler border collie, her calico cat and her Persian cat along with twenty-eight plants.

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