The National Aquarium celebrated students’ successes Thursday with a free School Shell-ebration event. The Aquarium recognized “sea-star students” and their scholarly successes during the 2021-2022 school year.

“We are rewarding the students for their hard work and good grades throughout this difficult school year,” said Sarah Doccolo, Aquarium community program manager. “This is a unique opportunity for curious-minded students to experience the wonder of the National Aquarium in an after-hours setting while supporting the community.”

The sold-out Shell-ebration event was a free evening for local students and their families. From the moment of arrival, the students were greeted with cheers, applause and hula hoop demonstrations. The fun continued with interactive performances and students reflecting on where they found scholarly success during the school year.

5-year-old Evelyn Feldman displays her talents with 4 hula hoops. (Kirk McKoy/The Baltimore Banner)
Andreas “Silly” Spiliadis of Baltimore Hoop Love demonstrates his skill at hula hooping — until they all came tumbling down. (Kirk McKoy/The Baltimore Banner)
A family is silhouetted against the Aquarium’s tanks as they observe the varieties of fish. (Kirk McKoy/The Baltimore Banner)
Aquarium staff member Laila talks about the animals on exhibit at the Aquarium. (Kirk McKoy/The Baltimore Banner)
A shark swims by in this overhead view of the shark tank. (Kirk McKoy/The Baltimore Banner)
Janet Queen of W. Baltimore reaches into the tank to touch a horseshoe crab. (Kirk McKoy/The Baltimore Banner)
A woman takes a photo of her child in front of fossilized giant shark teeth. (Kirk McKoy/The Baltimore Banner)
Guests were treated to a shower of bubbles as they entered the Aquarium. (Kirk McKoy/The Baltimore Banner)
Lakeitha Cain with her children, Naiima Hayes, 11, and Micah Hayes, 12. (Kirk McKoy/The Baltimore Banner)
Two children play with bubbles at the Aquarium’s entrance. (Kirk McKoy/The Baltimore Banner)

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