Maryland’s Office of the Attorney General Independent Investigations Division released names and unredacted body camera footage Friday of three Baltimore County policemen who were part of a fatal, officer-involved shooting in Pikesville this year.

Sha-Kim Akil Webley, 29, of Windsor Mill, was shot Jan. 9 at a BP gas station near Slade Avenue and Reisterstown Road. Officers had responded to a call about a domestic disturbance at a “local hotel” in the 500 block of Reisterstown Road.

Without providing first names, the department identified the Operations Bureau officers involved as Helphenstine, a five-year veteran; Taylor, a four-year veteran; and Fleck, a three-year veteran. Andrew Helphenstine, Paul Fleck and Tony Taylor are all officers assigned to the Operations Bureau, according to IID.

The unredacted 40-minute video of the encounter shows footage from the perspective of each officer.

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According to Taylor’s angle, officers entered the gas station with guns raised and made eye contact with Webley before returning outside. Standing near their police SUVs with their handguns raised, the officers dispatched lines back and forth about Webley and the gas station clerk, who was still inside.

“Just so you know, there are five of us. We might end up being a crossfire with you if you end up shooting …,” one officer said.

The officers said they saw Webley with a gun in hand as he peered up and over the store’s grocery walkways.

Nearly 11 minutes into the video, Taylor confirmed Webley fired a shot.

“He’s still got the gun in his hand. He’s still raising it,” Helphenstine said. “He just shot it. … It sounded like a blank, and he shot it right at the glass, and the glass didn’t break.”

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Moments later, multiple shots were fired from the officers’ direction as Webley came out of the entryway of the gas station.

Webley lay on the ground with his gun in hand, according to officers. “Webley, drop the gun so we can help you,” Taylor shouted.

Additional commands came from Helphenstine. “Drop the gun. Put your arms down at your side. … Sir, drop the gun.”

It was unclear to officers if Webley’s hand was still placed on the gun’s trigger. About seven minutes later, Helphenstine said, “I can see the trigger right now. His hands are not on the trigger. He’s barely holding the handle.”

Multiple officers then approached Webley behind a tactical shield.

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Using latex gloves, officers pulled the gun from Webley’s hand and began rendering aid, including placing a tourniquet on his left leg with medical units on the way. Webley died at a hospital the same day.

The three officers who shot at Webley all had body-worn cameras and were placed on routine, paid administrative leave. Baltimore County Police Public Affairs Director Joy Lepola-Stewart confirmed Friday that the three officers are all back on active duty.

Baltimore County public salary employee data shows Helphenstine joined the department in May 2019, Taylor joined in July 2020, and Fleck joined in January 2021. Each of the officers currently makes $72,690.

IID shows the investigation status is active and a prosecution decision has not been reached.

The division investigates all officer-involved shooting deaths, as it does with all Maryland police killings or incidents in which injuries result in the death of a civilian. Names of police involved in shootings and anyone killed by police shootings are generally released within 48 hours. IID typically releases footage from body-worn cameras within 20 business days.

Penelope Blackwell is a Breaking News reporter with The Banner. Previously, she covered local government in Durham, NC, for The News & Observer. She received her bachelor’s degree in journalism from Morgan State University and her master’s in journalism from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

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