The Maryland Office of the Attorney General’s Independent Investigations Division on Tuesday released the names of three Baltimore County Police officers who responded to a report of a domestic disturbance Friday night, and exchanged gunfire with a Parkville man who died at the scene.

The state division that investigates shootings involving police said Tuesday that two of the police officers involved — identified in a news release as officers Langley and Burns, without first names provided — are 22-year veterans of the Police Department. A third officer identified as officer Schanberger, joined the department in 2015, according to the Maryland Office of the Attorney General.

All of the officers are assigned to the Operations Bureau, the attorney general’s office said.

County salary records show that police officer first class Brandon Langley joined the Police Department in July 2001, and currently makes $113,964 a year.

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The Police Department hired two sworn officers with the last name Burns in 2001; Police Officer First Class Andrew J. Burns, and Daniel M. Burns, who is now a police sergeant, according to salary records.

Officer Andrew Burns makes $113,964 a year, and Sgt. Daniel Burns earns a $135,187 salary, according to the list of county salaries. Police sergeants, who hold supervisory roles, are not typically dispatched to emergency calls.

Records also show county police hired Police Officer First Class Christopher S. Schanberger in 2015. Schanberger earns a salary of $85,958.

All officers involved in the shooting are on administrative leave, police spokeswoman Joy Stewart said.

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The three officers each fired their weapons at Arnel Martez Redfern, 52, who county police said fatally shot his wife, 48-year-old Maxine Redfern, inside their Maple Avenue home in Parkville, according to county police.

On Monday afternoon, police communications director Stewart said police were still awaiting an autopsy report for Arnel Redfern, whose body had gunshot wounds.

The incident happened at around 11:30 p.m. in the 2700 block of Maple Avenue, where the three officers responded to a domestic disturbance call, Baltimore County Police said.

The Police Department said that when officers approached the home, they could hear Maxine Redfern — who court records show married Arnel Redfern in 2018 — in distress inside.

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Police said they heard gunfire inside the home, and determined Maxine Redfern was fatally shot before Arnel Redfern emerged from the house and fired a gun at police. The three officers fired their weapons, and police said Arnel Redfern then lay dead on the ground outside their home. Police said they found a handgun near his body.

Stewart said it’s unclear how Arnel Redfern, whose 1991 conviction of robbery with a deadly weapon precluded him from legally owning a firearm, obtained a gun. He denied owning one and Maxine did not indicate whether her husband owned one in court filings.

Redfern pleaded guilty to the robbery charge, and online court records show the entirety of his five-year sentence was suspended. He was sentenced to five years of supervised probation.

Court records show he was then handed a four-year sentence for violating his probation in 1995.

Police said they had been dispatched previously to the home that the Redferns shared related to domestic abuse reports, with the most recent incident reported in October. Maxine Redfern was in the process of seeking a divorce before she was killed.

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Maxine Redfern had been granted a protective order from her husband after filing for one last month, according to court filings.

According to her petition for protection, Maxine Redfern, who was employed at Martin Marietta, said that between July 19 and the time the petition was filed, Arnel Redfern inflicted “mental anguish through continued vicious conduct and cruel treatment” upon her. They lived together for 11 years, according to court filings.

Between Sept. 24 and Oct. 7, Maxine Redfern indicated in her petition that her husband subjected her to “psychological abuse” and refused to let her out of her room, then out of their house, and wouldn’t let her use her vehicle.

On Oct. 11, Baltimore County Circuit Judge John J. Nagle III granted Maxine Redfern a temporary protective order. A final protective order was issued Oct. 17 by Judge Jan Marshall Alexander on evidence that Arnel Redfern falsely imprisoned her. Through October 2024, Alexander compelled him to not abuse or threaten to abuse Maxine and immediately surrender all firearms to the Baltimore County Police Department.

In Arnel Redfern’s response to the order, signed off by law enforcement Oct. 17, he indicated that he did not own a firearm.

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The AG office’s Independent Investigations Division is expected to release police body camera footage 20 days after a shooting involving police, and later issues its findings in a report.

Following Maxine Redfern’s killing, the Baltimore County executive’s office announced it convened a work group to help domestic violence survivors. The county’s press office did not say whether the announcement was related to the incident.