Authorities: BPD sergeant arrested, suspended related to alleged assault of a woman, pointing gun at bartender

Published 3/7/2023 2:09 p.m. EST, Updated 3/7/2023 10:24 p.m. EST

A Baltimore Police car and crime scene tape remains on the scene after a vehicle exploded inside a five-story parking garage in Baltimore’s Fells Point neighborhood on 7/27/22.  Two people are being treated for injuries, fire officials said Wednesday afternoon.
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A Baltimore Police sergeant accused of assaulting a woman and pointing a gun at a bartender following a dispute over his restaurant bill was arrested, Baltimore Police said Monday.

Baltimore Police Sgt. Larry Worsley reportedly pointed a gun at the bartender Sunday night at Tequila Sunset, in the 2700 block of Pennsylvania Avenue, before he was arrested walking away from the scene.

Worsley was charged with first-degree assault, second-degree assault, theft and firearm violations.

According to charging documents obtained by WJZ, Worsley, who had a handgun on him, was put into handcuffs. The Glock 22 .40 caliber pistol had one round in the chamber and 13 in the magazine, according to police.

While searching Worsley, officers found a Baltimore Police Department Identification card, stating he was a sergeant of the department.

Charging documents said Worsley, who was a customer at Tequila Sunset, had three shots of alcohol, was noticeably intoxicated and was asked to leave.

While in the bar, Worsley was seen assaulting a female he was with, according to documents, before leaving the bar with the woman whom he shoved out of the way before grabbing another woman by the arm, and said “you’re coming with me.”

Other bar customers had to separate the two, according to documents.

The document stated that the bartender came out and told Worsley he had to pay his $42 tab, to which he responded “I’m not paying for (expletive)” and then pulled out a gun.

He then walked toward a white Mercedes while dragging a woman by the hair with the gun still in his hands. The woman was placed in the car before she sped off without Worsley, documents said.

Officers were able to arrest Worsley walking away.

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The Public Investigation Bureau is aware of the case, and has suspended Worsley’s police power.