Prosecutors continued presenting their case on Wednesday against a 16-year-old who’s charged with first-degree murder in the deadly shooting of Timothy Reynolds.

Reynolds, 48, of Hampden, was shot and killed after confronting a group of squeegee workers with a baseball bat at the intersection of Light and Conway streets near the Inner Harbor on July 7, 2022. He was an engineer and a father of three.

The Baltimore Banner is not identifying the teen because he’s a minor. He was 14 at the time and went to Digital Harbor High School.

Here are five key moments from the trial:

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1. The prosecutor needs to talk louder

For the second day in a row, the jury sent a note to the judge indicating that it was having difficulty hearing Assistant State’s Attorney Cynthia Banks and asking her to speak up.

The trial is happening in Courtroom 203 of the Clarence M. Mitchell Jr. Courthouse. It’s one of the larger courtrooms in the building and has poor acoustics.

Several witnesses were also told to speak louder during their testimony.

2. Defense attorney told to rein it in

Meanwhile, the jury likely had no difficulty hearing J. Wyndal Gordon, who’s representing the teen along with Warren Brown.

Baltimore Circuit Judge Jennifer B. Schiffer sustained objections to many of the questions that Gordon asked during his cross-examination and repeatedly reminded him not to offer commentary or make arguments.

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Christa Wheeler, an expert in DNA analysis, testified that she tested samples taken from a backpack containing a handgun that Baltimore Police found near the intersection of Light and Conway streets.

The shooter is seen wearing a bag over his chest in surveillance video.

The testing, she said, revealed that there was a mixture of DNA from at least three people on the strap of the bag. Wheeler said the teen was a match.

“It’s not a strong match,” Wheeler testified. “I’ve seen better matches.”

During his lengthy cross-examination, Gordon at one point asked Wheeler, “Are you playing with me right now?”

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“Excuse me!” Schiffer said. “Come up here right now.”

Schiffer then summoned the attorneys to the bench.

3. Jury watches more surveillance video of deadly confrontation

Baltimore Police Detective Michael Curtin testified that he searched the area for surveillance video and pulled six hours of footage from three CitiWatch cameras. He’s the secondary homicide detective on the case.

Prosecutors played portions of that video for the jury, but the press and public could not see it from the courtroom gallery.

Over and over again, Curtin told members of the jury that he was focused on “the individual in the pink shirt.”

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Curtin testified that he took still photos from the video and created a flyer to circulate within the Baltimore Police Department to see if any officers recognized the shooter.

On cross-examination, Curtin acknowledged that the video is grainy at times, and agreed that a bat can be a deadly weapon.

Police, he said, discovered belongings in the backpack, including credit cards with the name of a different person. Law enforcement was unable to locate that individual and did not charge him, Curtin testified.

4. Police officer testifies he recognized teen

In other testimony, Baltimore Police Officer Kevin Rivera said his partner sent him a photo of the shooter one day after the killing.

Rivera testified that he recognized the teen but did not know his name.

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The two had interacted with each other on West Conway Street on the Fourth of July, three days before the deadly shooting, Rivera testified.

“I used to deal with him,” Rivera said.

Prosecutors played his body camera video of that encounter for the jury. Later, Rivera identified the teen in court.

5. No court on Friday

Schiffer said she plans to adjourn court at 3:15 p.m. on Thursday and resume on Monday.

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