A Baltimore judge on Wednesday called an attorney for World Boxing Association lightweight champion Gervonta “Tank” Davis arrogant and accused him of trying to intimidate her while he argued for permission for his client to travel to Paris to support Team USA during the Olympics.

Davis, 29, now of Parkland, Florida, is on probation for a hit-and-run that happened in Baltimore in 2020. His attorney, Hunter Pruette, asked the judge to allow the professional boxer to travel between July 19 and Aug. 11 to “support and advise” Team USA boxing.

But Circuit Judge Althea M. Handy repeatedly said she needed more specific information. She then ended the hearing without ruling on the request and walked off the bench.

“We’re going to terminate this, Mr. Davis,” Handy said. “We’re finished with this hearing.”

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In court documents, Pruette wrote that Davis is “in my opinion the best pound for pound boxer on the planet” and added that “counsel can think of no higher honor than having Team USA request your presence during the Olympics.”

The Baltimore State’s Attorney’s Office did not object to the request.

“Given his status amongst the world’s best boxers, Mr. Davis would be a key asset in motivating and supporting our team to achieve Olympic greatness and become the number one nation in the world at this year’s Olympic Games,” Matt Johnson, high performance director for USA Boxing, wrote in a June 26 letter to Handy.

During the court proceedings, Pruette argued that his client has been compliant while on probation.

Pruette called it an honor for his client to support Team USA. Davis attended the hearing on Zoom.

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But Handy said she did not care about the honor and asked whether Davis would be paid. He would not be compensated, Pruette replied.

Handy inquired if there was a schedule and added that she did not want to give permission for Davis to travel without specific details. Meanwhile, Pruette said that was impractical if she was not going to allow his client to go.

“You’re not being helpful,” Handy said.

“Well, I apologize about that your honor,” Pruette said.

Next, Handy asked Assistant State’s Attorney David Owens if he wished to add anything besides that the office was not opposed to the request. “No, thank you,” he replied.

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“I did you a favor by having a hearing,” Handy said to Pruette. “I wanted more information.”

“Yes, it’s an honor,” she added. “But he’s on probation.”

Later, Handy called Pruette arrogant and accused him of trying to intimidate her.

Pruette apologized. He said no judge had indicated to him that he was arrogant in his 20 years of practicing law. Handy shot back and stated that she’s been on the bench for 22 years.

It’s unclear when she will issue a decision.