A man was handed two consecutive life sentences for the murder of his ex-girlfriend and her unborn son.

Michael Robertson had been found guilty of two counts of murder in the death of his ex-girlfriend Akia Eggleston.

“This sentence ensures that Michael Robertson will no longer be a threat to the safety of others and will spend the rest of his life behind bars for the egregious violence he inflicted upon Akia Eggleston and her unborn child,” Baltimore City State’s Attorney Ivan Bates said. “My prayers are with Ms. Eggleston’s family, who had to wait such a long time to see justice done.”

Eggleston went missing in May 2017 before her baby shower. The 22-year-old was eight months pregnant at the time.

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She was last seen withdrawing money from a BB&T Bank in downtown Baltimore to put a down payment on a new home she planned to share with Robertson.

Her remains were never found, and because of that, prosecutors built their case against Robertson with circumstantial evidence. They said he was the last person to see her alive.

Authorities arrested Robertson last year and charged him with murder in the 2017 disappearance.

Eggleston’s family said they believe justice has been served.

“Mr. Robertson will spend hopefully the rest of his natural born life in a concrete box where he will never have the freedoms again that have been afforded to so many people,” Shawn Wilkinson said.

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The presiding judge called the crimes “unfathomable acts of murder.”

The judge said “what happened to Akia Eggleston and her unborn son was the most horrific act.”

Eggleston’s aunt, Sanobia Wilson, described in court how she gets phone calls at all hours of the day from people any time a body is found.

Wilson said she waits for the medical examiner’s office to open just to see Eggleston has been found.

“It’s hard to deal with the fact that we can’t bury her,” Wilson said. “We can’t find her body.”

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