A former principal of Phoenix Academy, and adjunct professor at Morgan State University, faces numerous charges after an alleged armed robbery and assault of one of his students.

Mark Steward Brown, 44, was arrested and charged with armed robbery, robbery, theft, second-degree assault and several handgun violations.

Charging documents from the District Court of Maryland said Brown arrived at the victim’s home, where they began having sexual contact.

According to the report, Brown saw a scar on the woman’s body and told her he had to leave. When leaving, he was unable to find his phone, at which point he drew a handgun from his waistband and began yelling at the woman, asking for the whereabouts of his phone. Brown then allegedly grabbed the victim’s phone, refusing to return it until he found his.

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The victim allegedly told Brown to put his gun away, but he refused, walking out of the house with her phone before driving away, the report states. The victim reported that Brown did not point the gun at her, and she did not report any injuries.

The report said that the victim used her laptop to track the phone before receiving a text message indicating the phone was found somewhere near Frankford Avenue. The messenger gave the victim their address and said they would give her the phone, which she later retrieved from an unidentified man.

The victim allegedly knew Brown for several months before the encounter, but according to the report, this was their first date and sexual encounter.

Phoenix Academy issued a statement on Friday saying that Brown will be “away from the school indefinitely.” Phillip Elliot, who previously held the role of assistant principal, in years past, will serve as acting principal.

Morgan State University also addressed the matter in a statement.

“The matter in question is currently under internal investigation,” university officials said in the statement. “We defer all other inquiries related to the alleged offense and the case to the Baltimore Police Department.”