Ralph Wellman Brewer of Bel Air grew up in Lewiston, Maine, which is where his brother, Peyton Brewer-Ross, was still living before his life was cut short when a gunman shot multiple people on Oct. 25.

Brewer said his brother was playing cornhole at a bar when Robert Card walked in, fired off multiple rounds, and ultimately killed him. Eight people died at the scene, including Brewer-Ross, according to investigators.

Card also killed seven people at a nearby bowling alley that night, and three other gunshot victims died at a local hospital, according to authorities.

Another 13 people were injured by the gunfire.

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Brewer said his brother was the life of the party. He was easygoing, funny, and loved being a father, Brewer said.

“Peyton was doing one of the tings he thought was so much fun — tossing around bean bags,” Brewer wrote on an online fundraising page for the family. “He was playing cornhole with friends at Schemengees Bar and Grill when his life was cut short, way too short.”

Brewer-Ross loved the game of cornhole so much that he brought out the angled boards and beanbags at family gatherings, his brother said.

Ralph Brewer said his brother was the life of the party.

“He has a Randy ‘Macho Man’ Savage Slim Jim jacket that he wore,” he said, noting the apparel choice that originated with a flamboyant professional wrestler. “Not too many people could pull that off.”

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Brewer-Ross left behind a fiancée and a two-year-old daughter. They were his whole world, his brother said.

“He was such a great dad,” he said. “There’s a hole in our family now where he used to be. And it’s going to hurt for a while.”

Brewer-Ross worked for General Dynamics at the Bath Iron Works shipyard. The company said in a social media post that Brewer-Ross was “a valuable member of our team” who worked in the pipe shop test crew. He assisted in the launch of the USS Harvey C. Barnum Jr., a guided-missile destroyer.

“He was hired just five years ago and was making a positive impact on our company,” the General Dynamics post said. “He will be sorely missed.”

Investigators found Card’s body near a recycling plant in the Lisbon area on Oct. 27. Officials said Saturday that the gunman’s body was found in the overflow parking lot at the Maine Recycling Corporation, in the back of a tractor-trailer.

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Hundreds of state and local police and federal agents were involved in the manhunt.

Card, a member of the U.S. Army Reserve, had reported experiencing mental health issues, which included hearing voices. He threatened to shoot up a military base in Saco, a law enforcement bulletin seen by CBS News said.

The Associated Press and Baltimore Banner reporter Pamela Wood contributed to this article.

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