Two guns were fired during a shooting that injured five people Tuesday night at Morgan State University, authorities said Friday, but the shooters remain unidentified and investigators are asking the public for help.

Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley declined to identify what types of guns were used but said two weapons were identified through ballistics evidence. The victims have been “as helpful as they could,” Worley said, but have been unable to identify the gunmen.

“Anyone that knows anything, even if this person is your brother or your son, let us know” Mayor Brandon Scott said at a news conference Friday. “Folks who will recklessly shoot into crowds, they don’t care. Next time they may shoot at you.”

The shootings Tuesday night sent five people to the hospital and prompted the historically Black university to call off all homecoming week activities. A $9,000 reward is being offered for information leading to arrests in the shootings, Worley said.

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Investigators believe there was a dispute between two groups when gunfire erupted near a dorm on the university’s campus, Worley said Wednesday. At least three people are believed to have been armed.

Four men and one woman between the ages of 18 and 22 were shot, and all were hospitalized with non-life-threatening wounds. The four students who were shot have been released from the hospital. The fifth person, described by Worley as a visitor who was with the students, remained hospitalized on Friday, Worley said.

Worley told Friday’s news conference that it appears the four students and one visitor injured in the shooting were not the targets and not involved in the confrontation.

“At this point, we don’t believe the students were involved,” Worley said. “They were just enjoying the night.”

Worley said neither the police nor the university had any intelligence or tips beforehand about possible problems Tuesday night. He wouldn’t say who the gunmen were targeting.

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“The intended target is part of the open investigation,” Worley said. “We can’t arrest somebody until we know who they are. We’re asking for help to identify the suspects.”

Morgan State University President David Wilson said some parents and students left campus for a long weekend after the shootings, but there’s been no official notice that anyone is withdrawing from school because of the incident.

Classes, which were canceled for several days after the shooting, are scheduled to resume as planned on Monday, Wilson said.

“One thing we did not cancel, that we will not ever, ever cancel, is the Morgan spirit,” Wilson said. “This institution is not going to be deterred from our mission. We are indeed Morgan strong.”

University Police Chief Lance Hatcher said security has been increased at the site of the shooting, outside Thurgood Marshall dorm, and around campus. A second police officer has been added at all on-campus dorms, Hatcher said.

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And he asked students and faculty to report any suspicious activity.

“If you see something, please say something,” Hatcher said. “I’m here to beg the students at Morgan, I’m here to beg the citizens of Baltimore, to please step forward.”