Vandals damaged the offices of the Baltimore chapter of the NAACP — including throwing a piece of concrete through a window in the front door — while the organization’s president was working inside Tuesday evening, according to the civil rights group.

Kobi Little, president of the Baltimore chapter, was not injured during the attack, but was shaken up, according to Joshua Harris, spokesperson for the organization.

“He was sitting there working when the brick went through the window. It was traumatizing, but he was not harmed,” Harris said.

The four vandals — who were dressed in heavy coats and hoodies — were captured on video. It is difficult to identify their ethnicity because the video is dark and grainy, according to Harris.

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“What we can see is that there is a group of four people that is visible,” Harris said. “We haven’t had any incidents of vandalism in the past. But we do get hate mail often. It’s unfortunate, but it comes with the work. We are not treating it as a random act because of the work we do. It seems they targeted our office.”

The chapter has reported the crime to the Baltimore Police Department, according to Harris.

The case is an “open and active investigation,” the police department said Friday morning, declining to answer whether investigators had any leads or suspects.

The incident took place at the Baltimore chapter’s offices in Charles Village, which are separate from the group’s national headquarters.

The cost of damages has not been determined, he said.

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“We haven’t had a contractor come over. We’re supposed to have that done today or tomorrow,” Harris added.

Reached for comment Thursday morning, Little said that he was doing “okay.”

He added: “I’m frustrated but not surprised. This is more intense but not different from the consistent stream of incendiary and offensive mail we receive, spray paint vandalism and other issues we have experienced over the years.”

Little added that his work and the organization will not be deterred by the recent crime.

“While we don’t know what the motivation behind this incident is, we do know that a group of individuals intentionally directed projectiles at our building causing damage to our facade and our front door,” Little responded to The Baltimore Banner via text message. “At this time we don’t know if this is retaliation for our advocacy, or an attempt at sabotage to disrupt our work, or an act of hate, or if this is meant to intimidate or bully the NAACP or if this is simply an act of youthful mischief. What we do know and what we want to make clear is that the NAACP will not be deterred in our advocacy. We will not let disruptors sabotage our work. We will not be discouraged by hate. We will not bow to intimidation and bullying.”

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Little said the organization will continue to reach out to the community to ensure that everyone understands and respects the work of the nation’s oldest and largest civil rights organization.

“We want young people and other community members to feel welcome joining the Baltimore NAACP and participating in our community strengthening programs, our advocacy and our efforts to eliminate white supremacy and to create equity and peace,” he wrote.

The organization will hold a press conference at its offices this afternoon.