Every year, thousands of properties across Baltimore with unpaid property taxes go through the tax sale system, which puts low-income homeowners, often elderly, on the line to pay off lienholders or to face the loss of their homes.

We’ve dug deep into the numbers to uncover the scope of this system and its disparate impact on different communities in the city, and also published an illustrated guide and list of resources. But we’re not done. We need your help telling the most important part of the story: the consequences of this system for families and communities.

Please tell us about your experience with Baltimore’s tax sale system. How has it affected you? Do you know someone who has lost their home in a tax sale and might be interested in talking with us?

Anyone interested in sharing their story can reach us by filling out this form or emailing me as sophie.kasakove@thebaltimorebanner.com. Responses will not be published without your consent.

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