A short-lived, but possibly dangerous heat wave will deliver sweltering temperatures to our area through Saturday. High temperatures during this time will top out in the upper 90s and approach 100 degrees.

The combination of high humidity with the heat will deliver heat index values of 110 degrees Friday afternoon, and between 105-110 degrees Saturday afternoon.

It’s important to take precautions for yourself and check in on your neighbors, pets, and the elderly during this extreme heat. Staying hydrated with clear, caffeine- and alcohol-free beverages is paramount.

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Taking breaks in air conditioning is also extremely helpful to the body, especially if you can do it for a few hours. It’s also helpful to wear lightweight, light-colored clothing and avoid the direct rays of the sun.

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There’s also a chance of severe thunderstorms that feed off the extremely hot and humid air. The best chance of severe weather Friday will be from 2-10 p.m.

Not every neighborhood will receive one of these storms, but areas that do could experience damaging winds, intense lightning and heavy downpours.

Saturday’s storms could also be severe, with damaging winds, hail, intense lightning and heavy downpours. It appears the storms Saturday could form a bit later during the evening and nighttime hours.

While we could see a few leftover storms on Sunday, the worst of the brutal heat and humidity will be over. We’ll see temperatures dip below average with highs back into the middle to upper 80s for much of next week — a refreshing change after the brutal heat.

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