The Inner Harbor’s water is cleaner. Recreational cannabis is legal. The city is flattening the curve on homicides. John Waters finally got his Hollywood star. Orioles fans savored an exciting season.

Whatever it is that leaves you feeling grateful this Thanksgiving, there’s no shortage of examples found around Baltimore.

The Banner asked locals on reddit what they’re thankful for this year, and a heartening number of responses emphasized the city’s services, sports teams, businesses and culture. Here are some of the best responses.

City services, resources and events

“I’m grateful for 3-1-1. The city gets a lot of flack, some well warranted, but the folks that handle the problems are awesome and the process to submit requests is quick and easy. It’s really great to see such an important day to day city service working so well.” — microfen

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“Very, very grateful for the various community events from farmer’s markets to art markets and events hosted by the Waterfront Partnership.” — benignlystained

“I’m grateful for the Hampden branch of the Enoch Pratt library because it’s been my safe place since moving here 8 years ago (grew up in the county). I just signed up for an art event in December and I love that they anticipate that I may need an extra bag when I check out 20+ books at a time. They know I have books from interlibrary loan without me even asking. It makes me feel like I’m part of the community when I feel so alone and distant from everyone around me right now.” — Timid_Teacher

“Druid Hill Park. From the tennis courts to the Disc Golf course. Gets so much usage, from Hopkins students, car guys, festivals, ballers, and still somehow feels underappreciated. The pool, the courts, the nooks and crannies, the birds, the trees, the zen garden. Such a great place.” — StinkRod

“I was at the annual Visit Baltimore meeting last week, which is a bit of a pep rally for the tourism industry in the city. The mayor, governor, secretary of commerce and others spoke, but nothing garnered more applause than Brandon Scott’s comments that the new RISE initiative will include synchronization of the traffic lights. I’m thankful for that!” — TitsMageesVacation

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Volunteers and nonprofit organizations

“I am grateful for the help of my magnet fishing crew who have assisted in removing literal tons of trash from the harbor this year.” — TopS3cr3t

“I’m grateful for the Station North Tool Library for their drywall and other home repair classes. It’s helped me so much and I’ve met some really great people.” — _mvemjsunp

“I’m thankful for the people in the biking community and volunteers at BARCS who helped me feel a sense of community and connection that I haven’t felt in a long time.” — SilverProduce0

Hometown sports victories and heroes

“I am thankful for a fun season by the Orioles and the current energy that the Ravens are bringing. One of them will win a championship in the next 3 years” — FastBarracuda3

“I’m grateful that Charm City keeps charming. I’m grateful for the loyalty of Birdland believers finally being rewarded. I’m grateful for the life and legacy of Brooks Robinson.” — PossibilityDecent688

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Local culture, community and businesses

“The community fridge on Linwood, creatively decorated salt boxes, Patterson Park and all the people who help maintain it for so many to enjoy. Oh and I’m grateful for Taharka Brothers, Sally O’s, and Pie Time for fueling a little too often.” — pbear737

“I’m thankful for the friendliness and openness of virtually everyone I run into. Never experienced a city where I feel as comfortable and as much of a sense of community as Baltimore. The banter is just legendary!” — AvidGoogler89

“I’m grateful for Astronomy on Tap at Guilford Hall Brewery because the NASA nerds at Space Telescope are super friendly weirdo nerds and I’m here for it. Also grateful for BARCS, the Waverly Farmers Market, and Wild Yam pottery on the Avenue in Hampden. Also also COMMON GROUND IS BACK!!! (And better!!)” — ashandafurdiegoyim

“I’m thankful for that silly little ice rink at the inner harbor. Just spent an awesome day with my pre-K daughter bouncing between the science center, ice rink, coffee, ice rink, and dinner. She (and I) were exhausted, but it was so much fun.” — nzahn1

Baltimore Banner reporter Cody Boteler contributed to this story.

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