Two cows have been moo-ving their way through Bowie for almost a week.

Police have been working with their owners to try and find them. The cows escaped from a farm in Odenton. It’s not clear exactly how or when they escaped.

Cristina Linton got an alert from her Ring camera around 1:30 a.m. Monday. She initially thought it’d be deer, seeing them a few times around her home. But this time, it was two cows walking across her driveway.

“I looked at the video a couple times to make sure my eyes weren’t messing with me, or I wasn’t dreaming,” Linton said. “It was in fact cows.”

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WJZ met her at her home Wednesday and she’s still in utter disbelief about it.

“When does this happen, ever, in the suburbs? It doesn’t,” she said.

The cows have been spotted in more than five places around the streets and neighborhoods of Bowie.

The Belt Woods area is the most recent place they were seen, according to the city’s Facebook page, more than 15 miles away from the farm they are from.

The city reports on Facebook the owners have been working with animal control as well to find the cows.

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Linton said the situation has provided some much-needed relief for her and her neighbors.

“We had a rough couple of months, just with the weather and, unfortunately, there was an active shooter [situation that happened]...” she said. “This is just something funny to kind of get you through the summer.”

But of course, everyone wants them to return home.

“They need to return so they can get their proper house and proper care, things like that,” Yawa Agbemabiese said.

Call Bowie Police if you see or know where the cows could be. They can be reached at 240-544-5700.

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