Need a break? We’ve got a thrilling round of a classic brain teaser for you — “spot the difference.”

This picture by Carolin Harvey is from the 2023 Mayor’s Christmas Parade in Hampden and Medfield, which marked its 50th anniversary this year.

Can you spot 11 differences between the original and the version we edited?

The original

The edited version

This image has been altered for this game. (Carolin Harvey for The Baltimore Banner)

How many did you get?

Use the slider below to reveal all the answers, then share your score with us on Twitter or Instagram.

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This is the first “spot the difference” game we’ve ever published. If you want more, or want to share feedback about this puzzle, send me an email at

Stokely Baksh is an audience engagement editor at The Baltimore Banner, where she produces a wide range of multimedia across all social platforms. Her work has appeared on ABC World News, Baltimore Sun, PBS’ Need to Know, Mother Jones, United Press International, and the Wall Street Journal. 

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