TikTok isn’t just for the youngsters.

Seniors citizens in White Marsh are taking the internet by storm.

The social media app is being used for seniors who are determined to stay forever young, thanks to Erin Muir, vibrant living assistant at Brightview Senior Living.

“Sometimes when I bring out my camera and my phone, I say, ‘Hey, I’m ready to do something,’” Muir said. “They’re like, ‘Ugh, not again,’ but they come up and they do it every time.”

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These ladies and gents have quite the moves and humor that has now made them viral sensations on the internet — even if they don’t have the slightest clue what going viral means.

“Umm, I guess, I think it means a lot of people will look at these,” resident Janet Bourque said. “That’s what viral is all about, I think.”

“I don’t like to be the center of attention, really,” added resident Lorraine Fehar.

Brightview residents have quite the time when those smartphones are rolling.

For example, when asked who won the Super Bowl.

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“I don’t know, but I like the ones in the red suits,” a resident said. “Ravens, Kansas City, of course, right or wrong, the Eagles, not Baltimore.”

These vibrant seniors could have their own reality show.

And for residents like Bourque, it has been quite the boost to her self-confidence.

“I don’t think I’m that interesting, but if people want to watch it, they’ll watch it,” Bourque said.

What most people don’t know is that these residents have Alzheimer’s and dementia, which makes this social media trend worth all the joy for these now viral seniors.

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“Everybody has their good days and their bad days, and we get to highlight the best days that we have,” said Vibrant Living Director Erica Schwartz. “Even when families can’t connect every single day on the phone or FaceTime, it’s a great way for them to see that they are living their best life possible with us and we’re having a great time doing it.”

The seniors want the younger generation to know they still have sound advice about this thing called life.

“Life is like a bowl of cherries, so make the best of it, just take it day by day,” a resident said. “Follow your heart, just keep on trucking, pay your bills and drink a beer.”