Ask an astrologer: Can two star-crossed lovers work?

Published on: January 12, 2023 6:00 AM EST

Portrait of Cheryl Fair, an astrologer
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He is a Virgo with moon in Sagittarius. I am a Sagittarius with moon in Virgo. What is the effect of such star-crossed lovers?


Hello Sagittarius!

You have a Sagittarius sun, Virgo moon and Pisces ascendant. When Shakespeare wrote about star-crossed lovers in ”Romeo and Juliet,” it was so the audience would know that those two would meet a series of disasters brought about by preordained bad luck. A sun/moon connection is anything but bad, and to have it doubled is twice as good. In your case, you have the connection by sign, but not by degree. We do not have a birth time for your Virgo man, so I cannot see the degree of his Sagittarius moon, or what his ascendant is. I can tell you how his planetary placements fit into your chart and what that does for you.

The moon shows our emotions and what we need to feel safe and comfortable. The sun represents our ego and the energy that the rest of the chart is built around. The sun and moon are the two “lights” of the chart. When one person’s sun is conjunct another person’s moon, there is a natural yin and yang polarity of creative and receptive forces. In your case, the conjunction is by sign but not by degree, so the effect is lessened but is still there. The fact that this configuration is doubled makes the experience more intense. Unless other factors in the chart conflict strongly, you would at least be natural friends. When other factors fall into place, this connection will add to sexual attraction.

Sagittarius is a mutable fire sign, ruled by Jupiter. The sun in Sagittarius gives you a foundation of honesty and straightforwardness with a need for freedom to develop as an individual. When the moon is in Sagittarius, there is a heartfelt sense of adventure and optimism, and a need to follow your inner voice. Virgo is a mutable earth sign, ruled by Mercury. Virgo sun people are compelled to work and continually learn new things that will help them master the material world. When the moon is in Virgo, there is a desire to keep things under control and this usually manifests as a propensity for organization. There are many sloppy Virgos and plenty of Sagittarians who never travel, but the mindset is influenced by the basic needs as indicated by the sign. In the case of you two, both your sun and your moon are squared by sign, in your own charts and in each other’s charts. People with a little knowledge of astrology often think that squares are always bad aspects. In fact, squares can be bad, but mostly they are an active aspect. The irritation of the square works as a call to action. You have each spent a lifetime learning to combine these two energies within yourselves. Now, with each other, you have to opportunity to experience this influence from outside yourselves.

You have a Pisces ascendant and Virgo on the descendant, ruling your seventh house of partnership. You want a Virgo type partner, with their natural tendency to be practical, reliable and responsible. With his Virgo sun, Mercury and Venus, he fits your image of what a partner should be. The thing is, his Virgo planets and also his Leo Mars and Pluto are in your sixth house of work, service and health, not the seventh house of partnership. His planets in your sixth house naturally stimulate you to make a greater effort in things related to your work and your health. Your attitudes toward each other’s grooming, clothing style and personal mannerisms have a significant influence. Employer/employee and doctor/patient relationships often have one person’s sun in the other person’s sixth house.

His moon is in your sun sign, so you would naturally make him feel emotionally comfortable. Also, a person’s Venus describes the way that they want to see feminine energy expressed, and his Venus is in Virgo. Your natural style of showing that you care for someone is shown by your Virgo moon, and so that fits with his Venus image. Your Scorpio Mars shows how you like to see male energy expressed. He has Leo Mars conjunct Pluto, the ruler of Scorpio. This indicates that he naturally projects an intensity that you require to keep your interest.

His Jupiter, the planet of optimism and expansion, is in your fifth house of romance, entertainment and creative self-expression. This is a very good placement for a romantic relationship, although there could be a tendency to lead each other into excessive pleasure-seeking behaviors or gambling. You should enjoy travel and cultural activities together. You two are naturally kind and considerate to each other. One thing to be mindful of in this relationship is that his Neptune is conjunct your Jupiter in the eighth house of shared resources. Neptune has a dissolving energy and can create confusion, or even deception. This energy is great for creativity and romance, though. In contrast, his Saturn is also in your eighth house, adding a much-needed sense of responsibility and discipline in eighth house matters.

Because we do not have his birth time, we cannot see where your planets fall in his chart and so this is a fairly one-sided analysis of the relationship. Overall, from the information we have available, it looks like you should not consider yourselves star-crossed, but should be thanking your lucky stars.

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