An ex has been pursuing me. If he had his way, we’d get back together immediately. I don’t know, though, that he is what I need and I feel that we are not headed in the same direction. I do care for him and am tempted to say, “yes.” What do the stars say?



Hello Aquarius,

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You have an Aquarius sun, Gemini moon and Aquarius ascendant. He has a Capricorn sun, Aquarius moon and Scorpio ascendant. Because we are talking about a romantic love relationship, we also will look at Venus and Mars. Your Venus is in Sagittarius and your Mars is in Aries. His Venus is in Sagittarius and his Mars is in Capricorn. Looking at those planetary placements, the signs on the cusp of the fifth, seventh and eighth houses, and the planets in those houses to see what each of you desires in a romantic/sexual partner we see that he wants a creative, quirky partner who will offer unassailable loyalty, a dreamy and pliable kind of romanticism and be a clever conversationalist. You are looking for a fiery ardent lover who is somewhat impulsive, very intense, adventurous, romantic and also socially adept. You also wouldn’t mind if your partner was someone you could show off to the world.

Comparing what you want, to what you actually get from each other, there is much value in the relationship, which is probably what makes you both reconsider each other after breaking up. The problem and likely the reason you broke up in the first place, is that there are some essential elements missing. You come very close to being his dream partner. You have the quirky, romantic, creativity that he is attracted to. His moon is conjunct your sun, showing that you naturally make him feel safe and secure, and you two are natural friends. This conjunction is in your 12th house, giving the relationship a spiritual connection. Your other planetary aspects show that he finds you beautiful and intriguing. You do have the capacity for loyalty but not the staunch ride-or-die type of loyalty that he is looking for.

As far as your desires being met, you would have more frustrations with the partnership than he. He is earthy and quite controlling. He may sincerely love you, but his way of showing it makes you feel restricted and rebellious. He does not have enough fire element to keep your attention. You will often find him to be a bit of a buzzkill, which is bad for both of you because it dims your natural dreaminess that he finds so alluring. You find each other very attractive, but you will always be wanting more of something that you can’t easily describe. He will be working hard to keep you well defined but you are a free spirit that refuses to be categorized. His Capricorn stellium falls in your 11th house showing that he is essentially your friend. He could be a great support for you if he is willing to keep the relationship as a friendship, but that is unlikely.

Looking at a composite chart for the two of you, it is obvious that this is a very important relationship for both of you. You have a composite first house sun and the 10th house has Saturn, Jupiter and Neptune. You are in some ways a power couple, making a stronger impression on the world together than you would separately. You have composite moon in the fourth house, with many aspects to other planets, showing that you would love your home and family together. There are placements in the composite third house and seventh house showing that as a couple you would be very active in the community. You have good aspects to your composite Mercury showing that you readily communicate with each other. Your composite Uranus is in the composite seventh house, showing that you would have to make up your own rules about what being a couple means. This specific element would work for you, but would make him uncomfortable.

If you wanted security and good standing in the community above excitement and romance, this relationship would be a keeper. If you want freedom to develop as an individual as a top priority then you should avoid getting back together.

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Cheryl Fair is a multi-disciplinary artist and professional astrologer living in Baltimore. She is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and Mensa. For more information, check out her website

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