I am an entrepreneur who has put my love life on hold while I build my company. I’d like to get more balance in my life. Can I have a romantic relationship and a thriving business?



Hello Capricorn,

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You have a Capricorn sun, Sagittarius moon and Aries ascendant. Looking at your natal chart it is immediately obvious that you are ambitious and success driven, at the same time that you have principles which are important to you. You have the sun in your tenth house of career and public reputation at the top of your chart, conjunct your midheaven. Your natal Mercury and Mars also in the tenth. Your Venus, Neptune and moon are in you’re the ninth house, which is the house of higher learning, religion, travel and cultures that fall outside the bounds of the one you were raised in. You have Saturn, the planet of hard work and discipline in an exact conjunction with Jupiter, the planet of expansion, in your sixth house of work, service to others, and health. You are a hard worker by nature and want very much to be part of a business that is more than just yourself, and has mission of some kind that you can uphold.

Your Venus-Neptune moon combination shows that you are a romantic and have difficulty seeing people you care for, as they really are. You bring a spiritual dimension and devotion to those that you love. Your attraction to people and principles from cultures outside the one you were raised in applies to your love life as well as the rules you live by. You want your romantic partner to have the same beliefs and philosophies that you have and to understand your point of view, at that same time that they expand your world. The ruler of your fifth house of romance, children, creativity and amusement, is the sun and your sun is in the tenth house of career. You must have autonomy and authority in the world to feel like yourself, and your romantic partner will need to appreciate your identity and your work.

Your seventh house of partnership has Libra on the cusp, which is ruled by your ninth house Venus. This shows that your partner must be able to allow you room to grow and develop. You need a relationship where the partners encourage and support each other. A mutual love of travel or a shared area of expertise could be a factor in your romantic partnership. You have Pluto in your seventh house of partnership, showing that the most thorough and intense changes in your world will come about with or through partners. This includes both business and marriage type partnerships. There are several good aspects to your Pluto showing that you have profound insight into other people, including your partner and that you are attracted to intense people. Pluto energy is very destructive when misused and it is important that you and your partner maintain integrity and avoid the temptation to compete with each other.

Looking at your fifth house transits for clues to when opportunities for romance are likely we see that in June, Venus the planet of love will be transiting your fifth house of romance, fun and creative self-expression. This transit lasts for you until October, indicating that this summer is an appropriate time for fifth house activities. You need a break and this summer is the time to take that break. Relax a little and make some room in your life for romance. This is also a good time for creative projects or appreciating the beauty and creativity around you. Any children in your world will bring you joy and you might be feeling a bit child-like yourself. You will be able to be your unbridled self and enjoy love, romance and a good time.

A summer romance or at least a summer vacation are in the stars for you this year. When Venus moves into your sixth house in October, it will require you to subordinate your desire for fun and romance in favor of work that needs to be done. This will be a test for any romantic relationship you might be involved in. If you’ve met the right person over the summer and the relationship withstands your busy autumn, you’ll get a chance to express love and affection and relax with a partner when Venus goes into your seventh house of partnership from mid-November to mid-December. If you aren’t in a relationship then, you could meet a potential partner during that time.

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