On March 23, 2023, Pluto moved from the sign of Capricorn, where it has been since 2008, into Aquarius for a 20-year stay. (No, this is not “The Age of Aquarius” but that’s a different story). Since this type of transit doesn’t happen very often and anything that lasts for 20 years is a big deal, there has been quite a bit of excitement about it and many people have asked me questions about it.

What does Pluto represent astrologically?

Pluto transits represent death and regeneration. The human experience of a Pluto transit is generally more psychological than literal, but both can apply. For the next 20 years, it will be out with the old and in with the new, but very slowly and thoroughly. A quote by the third century Greek philosopher Sextus Empiricus, “The mills of the gods grind slowly, but they grind small” comes to mind when thinking of Pluto transits. The area of your life where Pluto energy indicates this total transformation will depend on your chart. Pluto transits generally start with a period where light is shown on something that was hidden, and end like a phoenix rising from the ashes.

How will these long-term changes affect me personally?

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In astrology, Pluto rules some very intense areas of human activity, including reproduction and pregnancy, hidden motivations, jealousy, revenge and power struggles. Here is an explanation of the area of life that is being transformed by Pluto for each sign. Read for your ascendant/rising sign first and your sun sign secondarily. To get the finer details of this transit for you personally, you should have your chart done by a professional astrologer. They can tell you which of your natal planets are being triggered by the Pluto transit, exactly when to expect the changes and how long the effects last.

Aries – Pluto is in your 11th house of long-range goals, friendship and groups that you associate with. Your old long-range plans will seem shallow now and that will lead you to change what you have in mind for your future. Group associations will change as your interests shift. You’ll let go of some friends who no longer seem right for you and get new friends who can show you deeper dimensions of yourself. You’ll be attracted to people who are intense and have a powerful presence.

Taurus – Pluto has moved into your 10th house of career, social standing and power in the world. If you know exactly who you are, you can get wonderful success and control over your career. If you do not know yourself, the first part of this transit can be difficult, but by the end of it you will know exactly who you are and where you are meant to be. If you are ruthless in your ambition, you will fall hard, so be your most ethical self.

Gemini – Pluto is transiting your ninth house of philosophy, higher education, religion, law, and cultures outside of the one you are familiar with. Your world view could change radically. Knowledge that you gain now is on a deeper level than before. Travel or an intense desire to learn about a subject could change your life completely. Both formal, degree seeking study and research just for the sake of learning will be highly rewarding now. Publish your findings to share what you learn with the world.

Cancer – Pluto has moved into your eighth house of sex, death, taxes, inheritance, deep psychology, shared material resources and other people’s values. All of these areas can become the focus of power struggles now. You are likely to become involved with death-related matters like inheritance. This transit is not indicative of your own death. You’ll be seeing deeply into your own psyche and revealing secrets that you have hidden from yourself for a long time. Therapy will be especially helpful during this transit.

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Leo – Pluto will be in your seventh house of partnership for the next 20 years. This affects business partners, spouses, the people who openly oppose you, consultants like a lawyers or accountants, and other close one on one relationships. Over this time period you will see profound changes in the nature of your partnerships and in the type of people you choose to be partners with. Power struggles with partners are inevitable. You will learn profound things about yourself through your interaction with others.

Virgo – Pluto in your sixth house of service to others, employees, work (the actual work part, rather than the career and ambition part) and health and hygiene. You’ll have an opportunity to take care of a long-standing health issue that you either didn’t know about or chose to ignore before. Major changes in your work habits will be happening as well. Be mindful not to become so work-focused that you make yourself ill. Work for profound change in any area of interest will be effective.

Libra – Pluto is spending the next 20 years in your fifth house of creative self-expression, children, recreation and amusement, romance and sex. What used to be light-hearted fun will become much more serious and transformative. You will develop a more intense and dark style of expressing your own creativity. Children or creative projects could be the focus of power struggles. Casual romantic relationships become significant quickly and you will be attracted to a more serious, emotional and demanding type of person than before.

Scorpio – Pluto is in your fourth house of family and ancestors, deeply ingrained habits and compulsions, house and home. You will be looking at problems that you’ve been living with since childhood and could finally kill the beasts that haunt you. Family secrets will surface and demand to be dealt with. You could do a major remodel on your home or move to another location. Family structures will change. You will be able to let go of irrational compulsions and leftover childish behaviors that no longer serve you.

Sagittarius – Pluto is transiting your third house of communications, everyday activities, neighborhood community, siblings and extended family. Communications become more significant. Sharp self-questioning will become a matter of course for you. Short distance travel can be as meaningful as a world tour and your driver or your mail carrier could impart deep wisdom. You will find over the next years that nothing is actually trivial. Be aware of the power of your own words. Some little thing you say can have a profound effect on someone.

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Capricorn – Pluto will be in your second house of values, money and personal property. Your values will go through a metamorphosis. Your material situation will change radically, although not quickly, and your financial situation and attitude toward money will change course. Power struggles over money and other material things are likely. Be prepared to be tested before being rewarded. By the time this transit has run its course, you will know for sure what is truly valuable and what is worthless, no matter how shiny or attractive it is.

Aquarius – Pluto is now in your first house of self. This has an impact on your immediate personal environment and your self-image. You will be on a mission of self-improvement and your personality will change because of it. You become aware of a need to control your surroundings and this does not go without notice. People around you may feel that you are being manipulative, so be sure that you are playing fair. Understanding yourself on a deeper level is inevitable with this transit.

Pisces – Pluto is transiting your 12th house. Things like the subconscious, prisons, hospitals, addictions and being your own worst enemy are considered 12th house issues. Dreams, music, poetry and fantasy are 12th house as well. Everything associated with 12th house matters is intensified during this transit. Any work you do to help people that can’t help themselves will be extraordinarily effective now and your intuition will be sharper than ever. Alone time is essential for you so that you can meditate, process and recharge your energy.

Cheryl Fair is a multi-disciplinary artist and professional astrologer living in Baltimore. She is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and Mensa. For more information, check out her website https://cherylfairastro.com/. 

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