I’m branching out and rebranding my business but a little nervous about it. What do the stars say about this endeavor?



Hello Scorpio!

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You have a Scorpio sun, Taurus moon, and Pisces ascendant. The ascendant is also the cusp of the first house, the house of self. The ruler of your ascendant, Neptune is in your ninth house, conjunct your Sagittarius Midheaven (also called the MC), which is the highest point in your chart and describes your profession, your public reputation and social standing. When the first house and the MC are connected in this way it indicates that your activities are focused on your identity as seen by the world. Both the first house and the tenth houses are about what other people see when they look at you or think of you. In your case, the brand of your business is very much the representation of your personality. Very often, people with this combination have their own solo business, where the business is directly dependent on the owner’s presence and personality.

With Neptune conjunct the MC there is no chance that the public will get a clear picture of who you personally are. Neptune creates a haze or dreamlike image that allows people to project any picture. Their image of you and your business is idealized, based on what they want to see. This placement of Neptune is wonderful for music, poetry, dance, and an idealized type of beauty. You excel in matters ruled by Neptune, including a love of perfection and creating idealized images, and your business is selling a dream or ambiance, as much as it is a product. Your public image is one of sympathy and understanding and your sensitivity to undercurrents gives you the ability to know what people want, sometimes even before they know it themselves.

Because the conjunction from Neptune to the MC is in your ninth house, rather than the tenth, there is a philosophy or belief attached to your public image. The ninth house is about the higher mind, philosophy, and belief systems. There is also the ninth house interest in long-distance travel or the study of traditions outside of the dominant culture. These concepts are emphasized by your tenth house Sagittarius Mars. Having Mars in the tenth house makes it part of your public image and shows that you have the drive to push your public image forward. You are willing to take action and work hard to elevate your reputation. Mars also rules your second house cusp, bringing your house of personal resources into your house of business/public reputation. All of the work you do to improve and expand your public image will directly impact your personal resources.

Transits to your MC and the planets associated with your business gives information about the timing of your rebranding. There are big astrological changes happening in the month of March 2023. On March 23 at 8:23 a.m. EDT Pluto the outermost planet that we use in Western astrology is moving into the sign of Aquarius until 2044. It will go retrograde and direct a few times, bouncing back into Capricorn, but the over a decade long trend will be changing things for everyone. Pluto in Aquarius will trine your Jupiter, which is the ruler of your MC and is also the depositor of your tenth house Mars. A trine is a harmonious aspect and this transit will bring you important changes. Pluto represents death and rebirth and is a very powerful energy. Jupiter is about expansion and often good luck. The two can work together to expand and solidify your business reputation. Pluto shines the light on what was dark and people who were unaware of your business will now be able to see it.

On March 7, Saturn moved into the sign of Pisces for an approximately three year stay. It will be opposing your sixth house asteroid Vesta. The sixth is the house of work, service and health. Vesta is the brightest asteroid visible from earth and indicates focus and dedication. You are very dedicated to work and efficiency and you have a natural interest in proper care of the body. With transiting Saturn in aspect to your Vesta, you will have an especially strong urge to create form and structure. Your self-discipline and ambition will be extreme and you should be mindful of the possibility of working too much, which brings the body out of balance. You have high standards and as long as you maintain a balanced approach that gives you time for fun and relaxation, your hard work will bring you long lasting rewards.

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Cheryl Fair is a multi-disciplinary artist and professional astrologer living in Baltimore. She is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and Mensa. For more information, check out her website https://cherylfairastro.com/.

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