I have been working for a large institution for over 10 years and no longer feel satisfied with my career. I would love to make a career change but am not sure which direction to go in. What would be the best fit for me?

-- Gemini

Hello Gemini,

You have a Gemini sun, Scorpio moon and Scorpio ascendant. Looking for vocation in a chart involves many factors. Overall, you have mostly fixed and mutable signs, showing that you have adaptability and perseverance. Some of the focal planets in your chart tell more of the story. Saturn is the planet that crossed your ascendant just before the sun, showing that you have a tolerance, and maybe even a preference for working on projects that have a long period of development. Your twelfth house Scorpio moon shows that you are very suited to working behind the scenes, having much control but not being the “face” of the project. It also indicates that you are likely to keep tight track of money and shared resources and not let a budget get out of hand.

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With your natal Venus in the sixth house, it shows that you need to feel appreciated in your daily work. You will be most productive and happy in a beautiful, comfortable, harmonious environment. You could easily work in the arts. Your Saturn is also in the sixth house and so you are willing to work hard to gain Venus ruled things like harmony, beauty, art and comfort. You have a serious work ethic and stamina.

Mars rules your sixth house cusp and is in your second house. The second house has to do with values and what makes you feel secure. Most astrologers assign your personal resources and money to the second house. Your natal Sagittarius Mars is opposite your Gemini Mercury, which is in your eighth house of shared resources, showing that you have a restless mind and need a challenge. Your active Mercury in an air sign indicates writing ability. Jupiter, the ruler of your second house cusp is in your 11th house, indicating a career in the humanities, entertainment, or the arts.

You have Leo at the midheaven, which is the part of the chart that shows your public reputation and your career. Leo energy is great for management and is known for being associated with the spotlight. Your Scorpio moon and ascendant would rather be behind the scenes, so you could be very effective working behind the scenes in the entertainment field. You have an out of bounds Mars trine your midheaven, showing that you are brave, enthusiastic, competitive and willing to work hard to get ahead. Your part of fortune is in Aries in your fifth house, which is associated with Leo and creative self-expression.

Looking at the combination of strengths in your chart, a few possible careers stand out. You are a natural project manager and could best apply that to arts related projects. This would naturally bring you to being a film or television producer. You also could be a professional writer, particularly of long projects, like books or film scripts. Either of these careers would be much riskier financially than working for a large institution, but your chart shows that you have the flexibility to deal with the ups and downs of self-employment and you have the stamina and competitiveness necessary to succeed in arts and entertainment.

Best, Cheryl

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Cheryl Fair is a multi-disciplinary artist and professional astrologer living in Baltimore. She is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and Mensa. For more information, check out her website https://cherylfairastro.com/. 

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