I am suing my condo HOA. I have a strong case, but I want to know if the stars support my efforts.


Hello Aries,

You have an Aries sun, Libra moon and an Aries ascendant. Predicting the outcome of lawsuits should include the date and time that the suit was filed, and I do not have that information. I can tell from your natal chart and transits what the general trend is in that area of life. I do not know when the lawsuit will conclude, but you do have major changes coming in late May.

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Starting in July of 2021 you began a Mercury/sun period indicating that after making some hard decisions while facing some earlier challenges, you entered a period of necessary change. This has been an exciting year for you and you’ve become much busier and more socially active. The atmosphere will shift for you in late May, when Jupiter leaves Aries and moves into Taurus. Taurus rules your second house of personal resources and shows what makes you feel secure. Jupiter is primarily an expansive energy and also does have an association with the philosophy of law.

At the same time that Jupiter moves into Taurus and your second house, you enter a planetary period ruled by Mercury and Venus. This trend goes on until April of 2025 and will likely be a time when you are focusing on partnerships and finances. Equity and property investments are likely to be adjusted to better support your lifestyle.

You start 2023 with transiting Jupiter opposite your seventh house moon. The seventh house has to do with the law and legal transactions. Jupiter in this transit is probably making you feel overly self-indulgent and could give you the feeling that you deserve more than you are likely to get. This Jupiter transit also triggers a difficult aspect between your natal Venus and your moon, exaggerating a subconscious compulsive quality to matters ruled by Venus. In addition to love, the arts and pleasure, Venus is associated with money and the law. It seems to me that you are likely to have unrealistic expectations about this issue. It’s not necessarily that you would lose, but that you will probably not get everything that you think you deserve.

Consultants like lawyers and accountants fall into the seventh house. These transits to your seventh house planets that I just described also apply to your relationship with your attorney and should be taken into account. The ruler of your seventh house is Venus and your natal Venus is in your twelfth house. This shows that you are likely to lack the clarity to impartially see your relationship with your attorney and the case. Your best bet is to make sure that you have hired an experienced real estate attorney who has won cases against homeowner associations before. You will need to have clear proof of the information that you give the attorney so that they can do their best work for you.

Another relevant transit that is happening for you at the beginning of 2023 is Neptune in an easy aspect to your fourth house Uranus. Having Uranus in the fourth natally, you are likely to have an unusual home or home life. Neptune brings a dissolving energy, and with the trine, the effect can be pleasant — but it is still the kind of energy that brings a kind of fogginess to the situation. This is one more indication that you are not seeing the situation involving your home in the same way that the powers that be would see it.

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This same Neptune transit is in your twelfth house conjunct your natal Neptune in the seventh house. Having natal Neptune in the seventh house does indicate that you could be involved in lawsuits. Wherever Neptune is, there is a likelihood of deception. You could inadvertently give false information or be the person receiving false information. Transiting Neptune in the twelfth house can make confusion even more likely, but it also gives you the opportunity to see that the spiritual dimension of life is very important. The law is very nuts and bolts and quantifies everything. Neptune energy is the opposite of that. You can get a fuller understanding of your life and your situation by acknowledging your own connection to everything in the universe. Alienation based on a purely material assessment of your world is a trap that you should not allow yourself to fall into.

My assessment of your situation with your HOA, based on the information that I’ve been given, is that you will benefit but you will not get the outcome you envision. You could get either more or less than you expect, but there is a lack of clarity, making it unlikely that you have a realistic view of the case. You could end up going in a different direction than planned, but in the long run, the changes will bring you to a very rewarding period in your life.



Cheryl Fair is a multi-disciplinary artist and professional astrologer living in Baltimore. She is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and Mensa. For more information, check out her website https://cherylfairastro.com/. 

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