People of retirement age today are of the Pluto in Leo generation (yes, Boomers). They haven’t aged in the same way as previous generations, and are redefining old age and retirement. Now, retirement for many seniors is more like a “road not traveled” shift in career focus rather than spending their golden years sitting on the beach. Retirement styles are as individual as career choices and I often get questions about retirement. Here are two answers to the same question, based on the charts of the questioners.

Sagittarius: I plan to retire in December 2023. Is that a good time for me?

Hello Sagittarius,

You have a Sagittarius sun, Aquarius moon and Aries ascendant. Retirement can mean various things. For you, December 2023 is a good time to switch gears.

You will be having transiting Jupiter opposite natal Neptune, which can feel a bit disorienting. You will be able to change your focus from a sense of duty to concentrating on your passion. You will be able to focus your energy on something that transports you to another level spiritually. One thing to be mindful of is that this is a transit that can encourage unrealistic expectations and idealism. If you can arrange it, you should take the equivalent of a “gap year” after you leave your job, in which you avoid making long-term commitments and explore whatever you are inspired to look into.

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Another important long-term transit that you will be having in December is Saturn, the planet of hard work and discipline, opposed your fifth house Pluto. In addition to creative self-expression, the fifth house is associated with children, entertainment and romantic sex. Any and all of these areas of your life could become areas of focus. It’s not likely that you will retire to lounge around and take it easy. You are likely to feel compelled to work harder than you’ve ever worked, but on creative projects rather than for a boss. Any time that Pluto is involved you need to examine the deep, dark side of things as well as the surface. You will put your whole self into this and find the process to be transformational.

You currently have Pluto transiting your 10th house of career. Pluto transits last over a decade and are very thorough, completely changing the area of life that the house is associated with. Generally, the process of a Pluto transit involves several years of a breakdown phase, where you let go of the old way of doing things (in this case, your current career) before going into a long period of building a new way. Your plans for retirement coincide perfectly with this process. Your career and public image/reputation will be transformed after you leave your job in December.

Cancer: What would be the best year for me to think about retirement?

Hello Cancer,

You have the sun in the sign of Cancer, a Virgo moon and Leo on the ascendant. It’s natural to start thinking of retirement when you see your 65th birthday in the near future, but many people stay in their career long past that age. On your birthday this year, you will begin a yearlong period where you reassess your options.

You have had transiting Uranus conjunct your Midheaven for quite a while and it will be going through your 10th house of career for about seven years. The Midheaven is the highest point in the chart and when Uranus conjuncts it, you can expect sudden changes in the way you define your individuality to the world. This is reflected in your profession, your social position and your reputation. As Uranus goes through your 10th house for the next several years, you can expect a change of profession, and in that sense, you will be retiring from what you are doing now.

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Rather than a traditional retirement, you are more likely to have opportunities to do something new and unexpected. You may find that authority figures make you feel too restricted to continue working in the way you have until now. You will feel the need to break free, and when the chance to do something new comes up, you will be ready to jump on it. These transits call for either a very different way of doing what you do, or a new profession altogether.

While Uranus is conjunct your Midheaven, it is also trine your first house Virgo moon. This supports your need to change. You are likely to make changes to your personal environment or your personal habits. A trine is an easy aspect, so even though Uranus indicates sudden or surprising change, these changes are likely to happen fairly gracefully. Your life is likely to be more exciting over the next several years, rather than sedate. You should be finding a new freedom, but not a retirement in the traditional sense. It looks like you will enjoy the ride!



Cheryl Fair is a multi-disciplinary artist and professional astrologer living in Baltimore. She is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and Mensa. For more information, check out her website 

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