Baltimore Horoscopes: How will this week’s astrological transits impact you?

Published 5/15/2023 5:30 a.m. EDT

Baltimore Horoscopes

Astrology 101: Did you know you have three signs (sun, moon and rising), not just one? Most people only know their sun sign, which is determined by their birth day and month, but the most accurate horoscope is actually chosen by your rising (sometimes called ascendant) sign. Don’t know your rising sign? Use this free calculator. Once you know your ascendant/rising sign, be sure to read that horoscope below!

Some of the biggest astrological transits of the year are happening this week. Mars connects harmoniously with Neptune on Monday, while beneficent Jupiter moves into the earthy sign of Taurus on Tuesday. Then Mars opposes Pluto on Saturday, and the sun moves into Gemini on Sunday.


Aries — You can concentrate on your own inner life early in the week and get a deep sense of being your whole self. Starting on Tuesday, your money sector gets a boost from Jupiter, bringing luck and expanded opportunities for earning. Be aware that this is a temporary “easy come, easy go” situation and so take advantage of it while you can. On Saturday, your ruling planet Mars moves into the sign of Leo and aspects powerful Pluto. This configuration lights up your creative self-expression and builds your confidence. Be mindful of over-confidence creating power struggles with friends.


Taurus — On Tuesday, expansive Jupiter is moving into your sign for about a year. This is the beginning of a major cycle of growth in your life and should make you feel pretty fabulous. You will get a taste of what you can really accomplish and make a good first impression on people. A major shift in energy happens this weekend, with your home and family getting much of your attention for a while. On Sunday, you’ll be able to find the things that you truly value and create a more secure environment for yourself.


Gemini — Friends notice that you have a certain Je ne sais quoi early in the week. You have a mysterious lucky streak that is based on your ability to put ego aside and empathetically reach out to others who need your help. With the strength of your convictions inspiring you, you can make powerful changes in the world around you without any selfish motives. On the weekend, you move forward with confidence and more strength than you realized you have. Keep an eye on any haters but don’t let them slow you down. You are a shining star.


Cancer — This week, you realize that your future is brighter than you ever would have guessed. Groups that you are a part of will benefit from your involvement and your friends will be a source of good luck for you. Kindred spirits will give perspective on your big ideas now. Being a person with a certain depth of feeling, you dive even deeper into analyzing your own motivations in regards to your relationships now. Look back on your past behavior to see where you have undone your own good intentions, so that you can learn from earlier mistakes.


Leo — You will get big results for your efforts with your career, reputation and social status this week. As long as you don’t brag or become overly bossy, the gods will smile on your ambitions. You have confidence and will get the opportunity to show the world what you can do now. How you handle the inevitable resistance to so much progress will determine the ultimate outcome. It is essential to keep your ethics and other people’s feelings at the forefront. Conflicts with partners of any kind are likely to become power struggles and a test of your diplomacy.


Virgo — Principled ideas will give meaning to your meticulous attention to detail. Long distance travel is favored now. This is a great time take a trip for the purpose of learning or teaching. This weekend is a good time for strategizing. You are going through a short period of feeling unsure of yourself, and you have to deal with power struggles and intrigue in spite of that. Life is complicated now, and you should remember that you have more of an audience than you realize. Be mindful that something you try to do in secret could become public.


Libra — Partnerships bring a new depth of feeling into play early this week. You will benefit from other people’s resources now while you are developing a deeper understanding of your own psychological patterns. This new insight will help you recover from recent stress, and you could have a breakthrough that makes you feel emotionally rejuvenated. Friendships and creativity are focal points for you now. A group project could build your confidence but be mindful of a tendency toward power struggles. Associates with a cultural background that differs from yours are especially valuable to you now.


Scorpio — Early in the week, you have a strong desire for creative expression and adventure. Exploring new ideas feeds your desire to expand your horizons. You are focused on partnerships and are feeling optimistic about relationships while you have an urge for independence and individuality within your relationships. By the weekend, your competitive side is showing. Your need for recognition and achievement creates some tension within the family or home environment. Trust your intuition while you learn how to manage your drive for success in a way that does not negatively impact your personal life.


Sagittarius — You are focused on daily routines early this week and could learn new skills to improve your productivity. You have a deep desire to make a positive difference in the world now. This weekend, you could notice a challenging dynamic when it comes to communicating your philosophies and beliefs. This can lead to power struggles. You may feel a deep emotional attachment to your local community and be very sensitive to power dynamics within it. Balancing the desire for personal growth and exploration with the need to maintain healthy relationships and effective communication is essential now.

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Capricorn — Your natural talent and creativity will be enhanced this week. Keep a positive outlook on life and stay open to taking risks and trying new things now. Even when criticized, it is important to pursue your passions and find ways to share your unique gifts and talents with the world. This weekend, you could be feeling a push-pull dynamic between work, health and hidden psychological issues. Doing something that involves physical activity or hands-on work will help you achieve the balance you need. A healthy body and mind work together to help you live your best life.


Aquarius — Early this week, your sense of personal power is in conflict with your sense of emotional security. When you assert yourself, you may feel like you are standing on shaky ground. Look for the support of friends to give you the base you need to move forward. This weekend, you’ll be feeling a pull between your strong need to control your own environment and challenges coming from close relationships. You may be drawn to partners who are strong-willed and assertive, forcing you to draw boundaries. Avoid power struggles and nurture the relationships that support your personal growth.


Pisces — Writing, teaching and communication all in focus early in the week. Beginning on Tuesday, you could find that you have a new appreciation for luxury and comfort and discover that having these things gives you a feeling of security. This weekend, engaging in competitive games or sports would be good for your mental and physical health. Building your strength will help you resolve any issues that are blocking your ability to achieve your goals and ambitions. Try to find a balance between the desire for success and achievement with the need for self-reflection and spiritual growth.