Astrology 101: Did you know you have three signs (sun, moon and rising), not just one? Most people only know their sun sign, which is determined by their birth day and month, but the most accurate horoscope is actually chosen by your rising (or sometimes called ascendant) sign. Don’t know your rising sign? Use this free calculator. Once you know your ascendant/rising sign, be sure to read that horoscope below!

Aries (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Aries — Monday is not the best day for errands or important communications. You can apply your sharp ability for analysis to your own family and home life, coming up with practical solutions for any nagging uncertainties that have been bothering you. When you offer support to someone this week, it will have a healing effect for both of you. Friday evening is a good time for romance if you have the opportunity.

Taurus (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Taurus — You may feel pulled in several directions at once on Monday. You’ll make wise decisions on Tuesday. You could also attract money this week and will be able to use it to fix a longstanding problem. You might feel like staying home rather than facing the world toward the end of the week. Express yourself freely and do whatever seems like fun this weekend, even if it seems unusual for you.

Gemini (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Gemini — You could make a good investment on Tuesday. Gaining status through possessions is a fool’s pursuit, but you can definitely make your life easier by using your resources sensibly. Remember the power of your words later in the week. What you say can cause hurt feelings, or using correctly your words could heal a rift. Get errands finished early on Saturday and spend the rest of the weekend near home.

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Cancer (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Cancer — You are your own best friend this week. Focus on the things you like about yourself. Be mindful of spending on Thursday and Friday. You may be having an internal struggle regarding your ability to handle your own resources. Let go of your uncertainties for the weekend. Seek out unusual happenings in your neighborhood and become actively involved on Saturday. A day trip with friends would be perfect on Sunday.

Leo (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Leo — Detachment from external drama gives you impressive insight early in the week. Approaching things with a gentle touch could be just the thing your spirit needs now. Ask yourself if you’ve been ignoring your own needs in favor of other demands. Focus on what you want for your own life this week and examine your true values. On the weekend, you should take care of the maintenance of your material world.

Virgo (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Virgo — Friends, allies and kindred spirits are part of an important network for you early this week. A sense of belonging is important to your wellbeing, and you can have that now. “Who you know,” even if it’s a friend of a friend three times removed can get you exactly what you need. Internalize that feeling of support when you consider your connection to the universe, and pay it forward this weekend.

Libra (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Libra — You could be riding high in your career or social status early in the week. A combination of mental acuity and a willingness to work brings measurable progress with your ambitions now. Share your success with your friends, but you may not get the response you expect. On Friday evening, spend time with people you love. Follow your intuition on the weekend. Sunday is a great day to enjoy music or art.

Scorpio (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Scorpio — Set yourself free this week. Explore new territory, dive deeper into a favorite subject, or plan a trip. Avoid public emotional outbursts toward the end of the week. Your need to express your mood could hurt the feelings of friends that you don’t want to offend. On Friday evening, your mood should improve resulting in a harmonious connection with a loved one. Saturday and Sunday afternoon activities with friends will go well.

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Sagittarius (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Sagittarius — You could experience a sublime awareness of the cycle of life early this week. Any number of occurrences could trigger your interest in exploring your own psyche now, but the result is that you know yourself better and can open up to an expanded concept of the world. Ask yourself what the happiest times of your life were and use the answers as clues to create your own future.

Capricorn (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Capricorn — One-on-one time with people closest to you will be rewarding early this week. Take what you learn from these encounters and apply it to yourself. Later in the week, you realize that in order to evolve, you have to let go of something that isn’t working for you. This could be a tangible item, a relationship or a way of doing things. Set yourself free on the weekend.

Aquarius (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Aquarius — Monday may show up too soon, but then it’s back to the daily routine, which can be a good thing. Work hard for something you care about this week and receive tangible long-lasting rewards. During the day on Friday, you might feel challenged by someone, but in the evening, things will be much smoother. Don’t ignore the elephant in the room on the weekend. Sunday is a good day for self-reflection.

Pisces (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Pisces — Share your insightful observations of life on Tuesday, without being concerned about what others think of you. Let yourself be inspired and people will be inspired by you. On Thursday and Friday, you may have to put your personal desires on hold to take care of business. By Friday evening, you can reward yourself and spend the weekend with your favorite people. Sunday should be especially pleasant and include good conversation.

Cheryl Fair is a multi-disciplinary artist and professional astrologer living in Baltimore. She is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and Mensa. For more information, check out her website

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