Baltimore Banner Horoscopes: Cancer season is almost over. What’s in the stars for you this week?

Published 7/17/2023 5:30 a.m. EDT, Updated 8/16/2023 1:02 p.m. EDT

Baltimore Horoscopes

Astrology 101: Did you know you have three signs (sun, moon and rising), not just one? Most people know only their sun sign, which is determined by their birth day and month, but the most accurate horoscope is actually chosen by your rising (sometimes called ascendant) sign. Don’t know your rising sign? Use this free calculator. Once you know your ascendant/rising sign, read that horoscope below!


Aries — You could feel a little emotional on Monday and your focus is likely to be on home and family. A conversation with an older relative could be enlightening in regard to family history, leading you to a deeper sense of rootedness. You could face some frustration in your work environment now and will do best by facing any responsibilities squarely. Take note of unconscious habits that negatively affect your health this week. Identifying an issue is the biggest part of making improvements.


Taurus — You may feel a new surge in intellectual curiosity this week and are willing to reach out to expand your horizons. You will have an opportunity to make progress with personal growth now and gain a boost of self-confidence. Not afraid to make changes, you are able to emotionally detach and make sensible decisions about your direction. Even though some may see you as uncharacteristically unpredictable, embrace the changes that you know are right for you and let others catch up at their own speed.


Gemini — Past hurts from social connections can be repaired by openly sharing your feelings with like-minded people. Your understanding and empathy could be a source of comfort and support for others as well. You could have intuitive breakthroughs now that bring new perspectives. Honest conversation, sharing your new insights and wisdom can have a transformative effect. This weekend would be a great time to give some thought about your true values and what is important to you. Also, this could be the time to reconnect with extended family.


Cancer — Early this week, there is a self-awareness and surge of vitality that can bring harmony between your inner and outer being and allow you to make changes that express your true self. Your charisma draws people and valuable resources to you now. You could be focused on money and the things that money can buy this weekend. It’s not that you are materialistic, it’s that you get a sense of pride and emotional satisfaction from your ability to create a solid foundation for yourself.


Leo — After getting off to a slow start Monday morning, you will be especially communicative and attractive this week, radiantly charming to everyone in your immediate surroundings. You’ll be very sensitive and compassionate toward others now and your intuition is right on target, helping you form deeper connections. The more mystical side of life can fascinate you now and add a new dimension to your creativity. By Saturday evening, you should allow yourself to be in the spotlight, engaging in conversation and making new connections.


Virgo — Maintain an open mind this week. Be willing to question your beliefs and embrace new perspectives. Adding intuitive, mystical and spiritual concepts into your thinking will broaden your world and enhance your creativity. You are likely to idealize a partner now. This can be fun for a while but remember that they are human. It is unfair to allow your unrealistic expectations to make you overly disappointed when normal frailties surface. You could have an intellectual breakthrough this weekend. Embrace the unexpected.


Libra — Focus on group associations and kindred spirits early in the week. You can develop deeper bonds with your friends now through philosophical conversations and shared aspirations. You could also have the opportunity to reconnect with old friends now. You have a natural understanding of relationship dynamics which can help you provide guidance and support to a friend. This weekend is a good time to reassess your long-term goals and ambitions. On Sunday, you will be especially sensitive and responsive to the emotional needs of yourself and others.


Scorpio — Your public reputation, social standing and ambition are all especially important to you this week. Your sharp mind, communication skills and emotions are in synch to get you where you want to be. There may be a conflict between ambition and any type of partnership now. Freedom to develop as an individual is a likely pressure point. Either you or a partner could feel stifled by the relationship. Be willing to question traditional ideas to come up with a unique solution to these issues.


Sagittarius — You would love to travel now and may be able to, but big responsibilities and unexpected interruptions in your everyday work activities seem to hinder your freedom to expand your world. Your best bet is to travel with learning or teaching in mind. Gaining or sharing knowledge about the arts is particularly favored. Your intellectual acuity helps you refine your ability to express yourself creatively. Your original creative expression is a powerful tool for self-discovery and brings you much joy now.


Capricorn — You crave connection with another person but are conflicted about how intensely involved you want to be. It’s up to you, but if you choose to swim in the deep end of the emotional pool, you might find that the waters are healing. Later in the week, your sense of adventure is tempered by practical considerations about everyday obligations. Attitudes having to do with trust, power dynamics and common values with a partner precipitate consideration of the way you handle shared resources over the weekend.

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Aquarius — There is both expansion and instability in your home life now, bringing an air of excitement and edginess to an area where you’d rather have security and a soft place to land. You would rather be having some one-on-one interaction with a partner. Flirtation, communication and harmony are your preferred modes of operation now, when you get the opportunity. You are going through slow but intense changes in your values. You can best facilitate that change by taking a fearless look at your own motivations.


Pisces — Your everyday activities could be a little overwhelming this week. Extra messages and errands, obligations to help others with tasks, and a need to focus on your own health create incursions into time that you would rather use for recreational activities. A side benefit of this activity is that you get to reassess your values, seeing what is most important for your sense of security. Over the weekend, shopping for some new clothes could be exactly what you need to boost your self-esteem.