Astrology 101: Did you know you have three signs (sun, moon and rising), not just one? Most people know only their sun sign, which is determined by their birth day and month, but the most accurate horoscope is actually chosen by your rising (sometimes called ascendant) sign. Don’t know your rising sign? Use this free calculator. Once you know your ascendant/rising sign, read that horoscope below!

Mercury retrograde is often misunderstood in a way that brings dread to the minds of horoscope readers. Despite the reputation for disruption and delay, it is a time with many benefits. Retrogrades are the right time to redo, rethink and renew!

Aries (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Aries — Early this week, you can actively pursue your creative interests and take center stage. You do expect recognition for your efforts. Be aware of a tendency for unrealistic expectations. On Wednesday, you should be aware of overthinking and becoming caught up in the details of your daily activities and obligations. More listening and less talking will serve you well. Your capacity to understand the big picture in regard to work and health has increased this week.

Taurus (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Taurus — You start the week with an optimistic attitude toward your home and family life. You especially enjoy comfort and beauty now and could add something luxe to your décor. Be mindful of a tendency toward overindulgence. When Mercury goes retrograde in your 5th house on Wednesday, you may be more introspective, which will result in unique, well-crafted creative projects. Any effort on your part will have immense power and a deep emotional impact on others.

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Gemini (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Gemini — This week you want to build positive connections with the people you see every day. Appreciation for your immediate environment energizes your spirit. Spending time meditating alone will bring you wisdom that benefits everyone around you. Make the effort to clarify communications with people you are closest to when Mercury goes retrograde in your 4th house on Wednesday. This is the perfect time to delve into your family history to gain a deeper understanding of who you are.

Cancer (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Cancer — Your assertive communication style will have a transformative effect on a close relationship, facilitating positive change this week. On the other hand, your direct and active approach could hinder any interest you have in learning about more esoteric subjects. Mercury going retrograde on Wednesday makes this a time for you to slow down and listen to your inner dialog, rather than charging ahead. You are likely to have a chance to reconnect with people from your past.

Leo (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Leo — Early in the week there may be a conflict between your need for personal recognition and your professional aspirations. Take a grounded, practical approach toward your career and social goals. Mercury goes retrograde on Wednesday, bringing some challenges with communications about finances. Take extra time with budgetary decisions and be patient with transactions. Your work ethic is extremely efficient. Efforts put in this week will increase your resources and give you a sense of empowerment.

Virgo (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Virgo — Stay grounded early in the week to keep feelings of confusion and uncertainty at bay. The influence of Mercury going retrograde on Wednesday is likely to make you more reflective and give you a deeper self understanding. When you find yourself breaking away from linear thinking this week, allow your unique ideas to set you apart from others. Not everyone will understand your path now, so take your time and try to be very clear.

Libra (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Libra — You attract many friends, but you may feel that their needs are encroaching on your deeper relationships this week. Mercury going retrograde on Wednesday brings you a period of focused introspection. Esoteric and mystical subjects could be very attractive to you now. Finding meaning beyond the surface of things will give you a sense of satisfaction. You may not feel like sharing your insights with others. Pay attention to your dreams to get clues from your subconscious.

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Scorpio (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Scorpio — You have a powerful combination of practical drive and inspiration. It could be difficult to direct this energy where you need it to be, but if you keep a clear, analytical approach you can make your dreams into reality. Mercury retrograde brings a period of reconnecting with old friends. You could also find that past issues resurface for resolution within your social networks. Find some interesting activities that are close to home on the weekend.

Sagittarius (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Sagittarius — Big plans and a feeling of optimism can make you feel buoyant, but your loftier ideas may not be practical at this time. Mercury retrograde on Wednesday brings in a period of reconsidering your career and social goals. After some reflection on your position, you may come up with a new approach to how you present yourself to the world. By taking your time and making a careful plan beforehand, you can take the most effective action.

Capricorn (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Capricorn — Implementing your creative ideas can be very effective. This could be a time of deciding exactly how close you want a relationship to be. Trust isn’t easy, and it’s good to take your time. Another person’s values should be considered when making a plan of action. Mercury going into retrograde will give you a chance to mull over your personal insights, rather than accepting external expectations this week. Follow conclusions drawn from your own experiences.

Aquarius (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Aquarius — Be aware that you may not have a clear picture of your finances. Avoid impulsive spending and read the fine print before investing. Retrograde Mercury on Wednesday will give you a need for deep reflection. You are coming into a time of uncovering secrets and bringing new information to light. This is a good time to reevaluate the way you handle shared resources. Over the weekend, trusting your instincts will be crucial to your sense of well-being.

Pisces (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Pisces — Avoid overextending yourself early in the week. You are tempted to overwork because you want to be helpful and productive. When Mercury goes retrograde on Wednesday afternoon, take extra care to communicate clearly. You may find that you revisit old patterns in your closest relationships. Be patient with yourself and be willing to make adjustments based on new insights. Your energy and drive can inspire others to work with you to bring mutual growth and transformation.