Astrology 101: Did you know you have three signs (sun, moon, and rising), not just one? Most people only know their sun sign, which is determined by their birth day and month, but the most accurate horoscope is actually chosen by your rising (or sometimes called ascendant) sign. Don’t know your rising sign? Use this free calculator. Once you do know your ascendant/rising sign, be sure to read that horoscope below!

Aries (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Aries — In the beginning of the week you might be feeling a little rebellious, with a tendency to go overboard on anything pleasurable. By the mid-week you notice that getting things in order gives you a sense of wellbeing. You are concerned with one-on-one relationships from Friday evening through Sunday. Communications could be a bit garbled, but you can still improve things through correct actions.

Taurus (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Taurus — Feeling a little over-sensitive about family members can lead to healing old wounds early this week. The rest of the week is an inspired time for you. It’s alright to work on more than one creative project at a time. Opportunities for romance and fun should be abundant now. By Friday evening and through the weekend you focus your skills on self-care and cleaning up your personal environment.

Gemini (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Gemini — Early this week the trivial pursuits of daily life may be a bit overwhelming. Quick communications, errands and short trips take up much of your time. You are built for this and can keep it all organized if you focus. Mid-week brings your attention into your home, emphasizing the need for both comfort and security. By the weekend you are ready for fun and games of all kinds.

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Cancer (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Cancer — You may be excessively concerned about financial matters early in the week. Don’t let your need for security make you overly materialistic. Copious opportunities for pleasant conversations with neighbors, friends and coworkers are likely mid-week. Your opinions are more colored by your emotions than usual now. When tying up loose ends, follow the rules and things should go well for you. Domestic life takes precedence this weekend.

Leo (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Leo — Monday and Tuesday impulsiveness and moodiness can lead to over indulgence in comfort foods. If you are hurt by criticism, try a broader perspective so that you don’t overreact. Mid-week is a good time to purchase art or luxury items for your home. Visitors, errands and short trips take up much of your energy this weekend. Ask yourself if you are doing too many things at once.

Virgo (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Virgo — A vague uneasiness can give you a rough start to the week. Arrange to give yourself space and get grounded. By mid-week you are back on the right path, realizing that everything really is going to be okay. Remind yourself that it’s appropriate to be a little selfish sometimes. Beware of any too-good-to-be-true sounding schemes. Even someone who means well might be mistaken.

Libra (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Libra — You start the week getting your friends involved with your personal goals and objectives. Make sure that you aren’t jeopardizing your friendships with unnecessary drama. Mid-week you should take some time for meditation and contemplating your connection with the universe. Write down your dreams. You could have an emotional breakthrough. Enjoy being the center of attention on the weekend when you are in a particularly loquacious mood.

Scorpio (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Scorpio — Early in the week you are concerned with public reputation and status. A conflict between career and home life can cause some distress. Friendships and group associations should give you a boost mid-week. Over the weekend, help someone who can’t help themselves. You may find that you feel very idealistic but can’t quite express your feelings clearly. Sometimes it is best to smile and say nothing.

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Sagittarius (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Sagittarius — Your opinions about what you believe in are very important to you early in the week. Before pressuring people to agree with you, consider the idea that your opinion might be biased. Mid-week, career and social standing are your focus. Some recognition or a public appearance are due now and should go well. Group associations and friendships are especially important to you over the weekend.

Capricorn (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Capricorn — You may feel like making changes to long standing conditions early in the week. Old emotional ties may be broken. Cultural values and education take precedence mid-week. Family influence is strong in these areas now. The world of philosophy and the higher mind has much to offer you now. Have fun, but watch a tendency to over indulge when you are out and about this weekend.

Aquarius (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Aquarius — You can navigate a somewhat chaotic domestic scene early in the week if you stay flexible. Mid-week pay attention to business concerning taxes, insurance, loans and other situations that involve shared resources. Your intuition is especially acute now and you know the most effective time to take action. Events that expose you to cultures very different from your own are especially good for you this weekend.

Pisces (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Pisces — Your work and daily routine is likely to be disrupted early this week. Look to partners and other close relationships for support mid-week. A sense of companionship and personal warmth will bolster your confidence. Psychic perceptions and hunches play a part in your weekend activities. Be aware that what you say may have a bigger impact on others than you realize, so think before speaking.

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Cheryl Fair is a multi-disciplinary artist and professional astrologer living in Baltimore. She is a member of the National Council for Geocosmic Research (NCGR) and Mensa. For more information, check out her website 

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