Weekly horoscope: Feb. 20-Feb. 26

Published 2/20/2023 6:00 a.m. EST

Baltimore Horoscopes

Astrology 101: Did you know you have three signs (sun, moon and rising), not just one? Most people only know their sun sign, which is determined by their birth day and month, but the most accurate horoscope is actually chosen by your rising (or sometimes called ascendant) sign. Don’t know your rising sign? Use this free calculator. Once you know your ascendant/rising sign, be sure to read that horoscope below!


Aries — Plant the seed of an idea in the back of your mind in the beginning of the week that will become real as the days move forward. Dedicate yourself to taking steps toward your goal each day. On Friday, you can consider the practical side of what you want, and then by the end of the weekend, you will be ready to share your ideas. Discuss things with the people you see every day to get their take on it.


Taurus — On Monday, there is a sense of new birth in your friendships and group activities. Use this energy to reboot your long-term goals and ideals. Take a few days to internalize your plans. By Friday, you emerge renewed and focus on progress. Take deep breaths and move out into the world with confidence. By Sunday afternoon, you should get a sense of how to make your dream into a sustainable reality.


Gemini — Early in the week, the spotlight is on your public reputation and career. This could be the start of something big. Consult your friends and other kindred spirits to get a solid plan of action put together. The enthusiasm you generate could inspire dedicated support, and in turn, give you more energy than you realized you would have to reach your goals. Over the weekend, look inward and meditate on things.


Cancer — Powerful original ideas drive you to a brilliant conclusion on Monday. Dreams turn into reality midweek when you have a chance to shine. You may push the limits in your career, getting even more than you bargained for. Friends can give a dose of reality to your plans and introduce a unique perspective that makes you revise things at the end of the week. Late on Sunday, give yourself time to process everything.


Leo — Take a deep look into your own motivations early in the week. Operating from a place of love can change your perspective and give you renewed joie de vivre. Naturally brave, you fight for what you believe in this week. Practical and kind, your leadership qualities and dedication are inspiring to others and that enhances your public reputation. On Sunday afternoon, surround yourself with kindred spirits and openly share your feelings.


Virgo — Early this week, look someone in the eyes and tell them how much they mean to you. Test a long-cherished philosophy to see if it is still relevant in your life. Try another person’s values on for size and see if you can synthesize them into your own thinking. Step out get a fresh perspective this weekend by appreciating some outsider art, or going to a show you wouldn’t normally consider.


Libra — Your intuitive insight and creativity will be an asset at work early in the week. By midweek, you may feel like taking a break from relationships that threaten your freedom, or you could spend time with a partner in new surroundings, lightening the mood. Discussions about money or property that you share with others could come up over the weekend. By Sunday afternoon, you should be feeling more philosophical about everything.


Scorpio — Romantic ideas and creativity are strong early in the week. Children in your life can benefit from your attention now, as well. This is a good time to start a creative project. Your dedication and willingness to take action will be especially helpful in your daily work activities. Being at home with someone close to you will provide a sense of emotional satisfaction this weekend. Friendships with women are especially valuable now.


Sagittarius — Your family of origin, home life and early influences are on your mind this week. Increased interaction with your family can bring out sentimental feelings. Dedication to your own creative self-expression is energizing now. Over the weekend, you’ll feel like indulging in rich food and luxury surroundings as a method of self-care. Moderation now will ward off feelings of guilt later. A Sunday afternoon chat with someone close could get emotional.


Capricorn — You could wake up Monday with so many great ideas that you aren’t sure which ones to implement first. Write them down for later reference, because by Tuesday you may be too lost in daydreams to plan any practical application. By midweek, put your excess energy into home improvements. This is also a time when you might feel confrontational with family members. Use your creative self-expression to make something beautiful over the weekend.


Aquarius — You could feel an increased determination to take control of your finances now. Seed money invested on Monday can grow into something lovely later. An energetic pursuit of information that will expand and beautify your everyday world is highlighted midweek. By the end of the week, you become interested in making your domestic scene more comfortable. This will enhance your life and improve your mood. On Sunday afternoon, welcome an inspired creative idea.


Pisces — You radiate a warm, soulful grace early in the week that draws people to you. By midweek, you can dedicate yourself to building your personal resources. You could benefit through travel and higher education now. Spend on things that you truly value. Your intellectual curiosity will be stimulated, and your communication with family and neighbors will increase this weekend. Look for unusual and interesting things to do in your own community.

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