Astrology 101: Did you know you have three signs (sun, moon and rising), not just one? Most people only know their sun sign, which is determined by their birth day and month, but the most accurate horoscope is actually chosen by your rising (or sometimes called ascendant) sign. Don’t know your rising sign? Use this free calculator. Once you know your ascendant/rising sign, be sure to read that horoscope below!

Aries (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Aries — Early in the week, you’ll enjoy trivia and gossip even if that’s not your usual interest. Your exuberance attracts people to you now. Midweek, you could wind down to the point of laziness, so pull yourself together and prepare for a creative weekend. You are at your passionate, dramatic best and can freely express yourself. It’s a good time for a good time, so take advantage of it.

Taurus (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Taurus — Your enjoyment of the finer things in life could result in a wise investment this week. Be prudent, but do go with your natural love of luxury. Midweek, you may find yourself spilling your own secrets. This is not the best time to be baring your soul to just anyone. Spend the weekend at home if you can. Luxuriating in familiar surroundings will soothe your spirit.

Gemini (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Gemini — Take the initiative early in the week to get what you want. Present your best self in each situation as you move through the world, knowing that you are the center of your own universe. Beware of a tendency to overspend. Buying more things will not give you security. On the weekend, your perceptions are very subjective, so have fun but don’t take your own opinion too seriously.

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Cancer (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Cancer — You might need a little grounding early this week so you don’t float away into your favorite imaginary world. Midweek you are more present and accounted for and willing to show your true feelings. Keep your ego in check so that your audience doesn’t turn against you. You are willing to spend money and put a lot of energy into creating an atmosphere of safety and security for yourself now.

Leo (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Leo — A place to be yourself, outside of work and home is important for you now. The feeling of belonging and connecting with kindred spirits makes you feel emotionally secure. Meditate on bringing more life-affirming light into your life this week. Too much of anything is not an improvement. By the weekend, you will be radiant and able to fully enjoy all the beauty the world has to offer.

Virgo (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Virgo — Your calling is calling you. Don’t worry about what other people think. Make definitive moves toward doing what you feel you are meant to do in this life. It’s good to get confirmation from friends but ultimately, it’s you who gets the deciding vote. Check out art forms from outside of your usual cultural constraints this weekend. Be active in your pursuit of an inner truth that has been elusive.

Libra (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Libra — Your perception of yourself, others and life itself, is changing as you open your world up. Don’t cling to old ideas just because they are comfortable. Allow your own experience to inform your opinion. Knowing how and actually doing are quite different to each other. The company you keep will bring you plenty of joy on the weekend. You can revel in the feeling of being part of a group.

Scorpio (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Scorpio — Facilitate healing in yourself and others by trusting. Much easier to say than to do. True intimacy requires a certain level of trust and you have the strength and resilience to step into emotional depths where others fear to go. Come out of the shadows over the weekend. You could get recognition for your accomplishments, or not. What matters most is that you recognize your own fabulous self!

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Sagittarius (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Sagittarius — Engage with others in a spirit of compromise and you’ll find that you will still get your needs met. Sharing can be very satisfying for you now. A new area of thought could become available to you over the weekend and you will be quick to understand. You could even have an “Ah-ha!” moment where you let a cherished belief go, in favor of new experience. Enjoy the ride.

Capricorn (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Capricorn — Do work that you can put your heart into. Putting your energy into something you believe in will energize you. One-on-one encounters can be emotional and not particularly productive this week, so when you realize that you are going in circles, just stop. Acknowledge the elephant in the room over the weekend. Love is the antidote to fear. Help yourself and others with an attitude of compassion.

Aquarius (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Aquarius — Engage in some child-like play early this week. You could actually spend time with children, or simply get in touch with younger you, giving in to the pure joy of being alive. You might be feeling a little emotional and unable to concentrate on work this week, but it should pass by Friday afternoon. Spend the weekend in the company of your favorite person, doing your favorite things.

Pisces (Jon Marchione for The Baltimore Banner)

Pisces — You might be feeling sentimental early this week. It’s fine to indulge in some nostalgia, as long as you don’t revert to past habits that you’ve outgrown. Get working on a creative project without pressure to please anyone but yourself. The weekend brings a feeling of inner abundance and satisfaction but you still have tasks to do. Even frivolous things have details that need to be taken care of.

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