A Victorian ornamental tree made of human hair. A rare Rolex watch preserved for decades in a safety deposit box. A binder full of Pokémon trading cards circa 1999.

Long before the experts of “Antiques Roadshow” identified these items as valuable, they could have been mistaken for plain old stuff. Maybe you own a few things like that, too. If you’ve ever wondered wistfully whether your junk is worth something, mark your calendar.

PBS’s popular series “Antiques Roadshow” is making a stop in Baltimore on June 18. The series, which is entering its 29th season, puts people and their antiques, heirlooms and yard sale finds in front of expert appraisers, auction house dealers and independent collectors. The show last visited Baltimore in 2007, according to a news release.

“We can’t predict the items that will make their way to ROADSHOW each Tour,” said executive producer Marsha Bemko in the release. “It’s that magic mix of serendipity and personal stories, with a little history thrown in, that makes each must-watch season and keeps fans craving more. I am thrilled for the show to visit Baltimore 17 years after our last visit and can’t wait to see what local treasures await!”

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How to attend

Roadshow officials have not yet identified a venue for filming in Baltimore. Tickets are free but must be obtained in advance. Each ticketed guest may bring up to two items for appraisal.

Fans may enter a sweepstakes on the PBS website for a chance to win two free tickets per household. The deadline to enter is March 18, with a random drawing for winners scheduled by the end of the month. Winners will be notified by email in early April.

A separate number of free tickets are being offered to fans who enter on Instagram. The deadline for social media entries is Feb. 29.

Antiques Roadshow airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on PBS.

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