The category? National monuments. The star-spangled clue? “From its ramparts, you can see the mouth of the Patapsco River as it flows into Chesapeake Bay.”

Thirty seconds later, the “Jeopardy!” contestants gave their final answers. Two correctly answered Fort McHenry, while one gave an incorrect — but geographically close — answer, the Key Bridge.

A “rampart,” in case you forgot, is a defensive barrier around a fort or city, usually that can be walked on. You might’ve heard them referred to as a “bulwark.”

Whether you knew the definition of a rampart, you’ve definitely heard the word, especially if you’ve ever shouted “O!” during the Star-Spangled Banner at Camden Yards. The lyrics of Francis Scott Key’s anthem include a reference to looking at the American flag flying “o’er the ramparts” of Fort McHenry during the War of 1812.

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Other than being the site that inspired Key, though, how much do you know about Fort McHenry? Test your national monument knowledge with our quiz, below.

Now that you’ve taken the quiz, you can bask in the knowledge that you’re fully armed with fun, not-at-all-annoying, trivia for any Independence Day cookouts or pool parties next week.

And the fact you’d beat at least one “Jeopardy!” contestant in some hyper-specific trivia.

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