21 pizza places in Baltimore you must try, according to Banner readers

Published on: February 18, 2023 6:00 AM EST|Updated on: February 20, 2023 10:50 AM EST

Since 1948, Matthew’s Pizzeria has been an institution of the neighborhood and the city itself. Serving what many call “Baltimore-style pizza,” their pies are saucy and cheesy with crispy edges, and a soft, deep-dish crust.
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Last week I published a list of some of my favorite pizzas in Baltimore. While I received lots of messages from people excited to try some of my faves, some of you took exception to what I excluded.

I promised at the end of the article that I would include a reader’s choice list so my own recommendations didn’t become too long and unwieldy and because I wanted others to put me on to their pizza picks. You surely did. I’m tossing out my plans to cut back on pizza now that I have several new places to try.

Before we get to reader suggestions, here’s a final word about mine:

  • In case you didn’t get the play on words in my admittedly hyperbolic headline, it was a reference to one of Baltimore’s slogans, ”The Greatest City in America.” Read more in this piece by my colleague Clara Longo de Freitas.
  • To impose some limits on the list’s length, I only included pizzas that I’ve eaten in the past year or so.
  • Yes, I did include Whole Foods and Pizza Boli’s. It doesn’t mean that they’re better pizzas than some other places, it just means these value pizzas have brought a smile to my face and that’s the most important thing about pizza, wherever it comes from. So in summary:

Now, onto your great suggestions (which have been lightly edited for style):

3131 Eastern Ave., Baltimore

In my original list, I linked to Charm City Table’s list of good eats in Highlandtown, which includes Matthew’s, but I’m listing it here to satisfy the pizza public. Here is what some of you had to say about the pizzeria:

The crab pizza at Matthew’s is AWESOME. I live in Mount Washington and the drive to Eastern Avenue is well worth it to enjoy this pizza. — Ed Levy

This unassuming hole in the wall with “secret” basement bar has been distinguished numerous times as being THE best pizza in Baltimore. Try the diced shrimp fra diavolo pizza with a side of their homemade ranch dressing. You will not be disappointed!Nicholas Willis

Their pizza is very different than what you’ll find elsewhere. They’re baked in pans, dinner plate size, incredibly fresh and perhaps more like Chicago pizza. My husband came to Baltimore to attend Johns Hopkins University and decades later he still says it’s the best thick crust pizza anywhere. Definitely worth trying. You may become addicted immediately. — Debra Rubino

Nothing like it! — Will Englehart

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1203 West Mount Royal Ave., Baltimore

We are fans of the funghi e funghi e funghi. We love the luscious cheese mixture with the delicious sautéed mushrooms. And the crust is perfect, puffy and crispy on the outside and light and crisp under the toppings. We also like the il giardino. The addition of the olives livens up the veggies and cheese. The Brussels sprouts are the best around, they are crispy and bright and not weighed down by too much oil or extra dressing. — Gail Fishman

3700 Toone St., Baltimore

I’m not a huge pizza takeout fan. I prefer to make it myself, but I do love quality food. I had two DiPasquale’s pizzas with other people. Only pies, no slices. We had one prosciutto and arugula white pizza and then one Margherita classico.

Olive oil at the table and each pizza cost less than $20 each. Top notch. — Kristen Mosbrucker-Garza

5132 Belair Rd., Baltimore

A high school buddy of mine introduced me to the place way back in the early ‘70s. Gil’s has since changed hands but the new owner kept the recipe, thank goodness.

I think it has something to do with the cheese (oil added perhaps) and the tomato paste they use. They also put the cheese, in most cases I recall, over the additional toppings. I used to love their pepperoni but since I no longer eat meat, I tried and love their mushrooms and black olives.

I just love the taste! — Ed Sharp

313 South High St., Baltimore

Joe Benny’s does Sicilian-style focaccia pizza and is the only place in Baltimore that I’ve found that makes that type. Their pies are essentially a thicker type of flatbread pizza seasoned with olive oil and other Italian spices. My favorite is “The Baltimore Foodie,” which has goat cheese, tomatoes, red onions, mozzarella, sausage and a balsamic drizzle. — Brendan Mahoney

3102 Fait Ave., Baltimore

The plain cheese pizza is great by the slice or by the pie. The campagnola — made with marinated eggplant — and pizza con spinach are both great. They put broccoli, a sleeper topping, on the pizza bianca. The Sicilian is one of the best in Baltimore. My wife orders lemon slice toppings off menu and they oblige. — Owen Silverman Andrews

2108 Eastern Ave., Baltimore

I order the Margherita pizza, it is thin crust, crispy and just pops in your mouth! They also have four cheese, meats and veggie options. — Deborah Lingsch

221 South High St., Baltimore

If I’m really in the mood for a great pie, I’ll go to Isabella’s in Little Italy. They have a traditional crust, really nice sauce, and all the traditional toppings are available. Just a fantastic wood-fired, clay oven pizza that makes you feel like you’re eating a classic pizza that has stood the test of millennia of traditional Italian food critics.Nathan Tarter

413 South High St., Baltimore

Angeli’s is your more traditional New York-style slice. My favorite is the Margherita. — Brendan Mahoney

111 Crain Highway North, Glen Burnie

They add a few tasteful shakes of herbs on top of their plain pie. It’s yummy. I usually get one plain slice and one with peppers and mushrooms. — Owen Silverman Andrews

1407 Clarkview Road, Baltimore

Traditional thin-crusted pizza but excellent. I actually have a gluten allergy that now limits my pizza consumption but their traditional pizzas are delicious AND they have, hands down, the best gluten-free pizza I’ve ever tasted — truly changed my life. — Debra Rubino

But wait, there’s more

Here are some additional suggestions from readers on local pizza places to try:

Editors note: Kristen Mosbrucker-Garza is a digital news editor with WYPR, a partner of The Banner.