Ekiben wants everyone to calm down.

The Asian fusion eatery told customers to “REST EASY” over social media after an announcement Monday that the Fells Point location would be closed “UNTIL FURTHER UPDATES.” The temporary shuttering, which the original Instagram post said was due to “UNFORESEEN CIRCUMSTANCES,” was because of a water main issue, according to restaurant owner Steve Chu, who added that such infrastructure repairs have been frequent in recent years.

“EKIBEN FELLS IS FINE—JUST DEALING WITH A PLUMBING SITUATION EXTERNAL TO THE BUILDING,” the restaurant wrote in an update on its original post about the Monday closure. City employees fixed the problem, Chu said in a phone call, and Ekiben reopened Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Despite the Ekiben locations in Hampden and South Baltimore remaining open during the less-than-24-hour closure of Fells, customers immediately took to social media, apparently shocked over the thought of no fried chicken sandwiches for the evening.

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“THIS IS A CRISIS, SOMEBODY GET THE PRESIDENT ON THE PHONE,” wrote one user. “Can you just slide us some tempura broccoli under the door, I promise I won’t tell,” wrote another.

Even fellow Fells Point restaurant Barcocina joined the fun: “WHAT IS HAPPENING,” it wrote in response to the announcement.

Others reported that they would “patiently await” their next meal of lentils and rice. Lucky for them, that wait is now over.