Best restaurants in the Baltimore area for farm-to-table meals

Published 6/25/2023 5:30 a.m. EDT

Prepare for a culinary adventure that’s fresher than a just-picked Maryland tomato. Baltimore’s farm-to-table eateries are serving up dishes so farm-tastic, you’ll crow with delight. From field to fork, these establishments prove that eating local is the only way to go. Get ready to dig in and taste the pasture-raised perfection.

1918 Belair Road, Fallston

With unwavering dedication, The Local brings you a culinary experience like no other, sourcing local ingredients from esteemed farmers and producers within 100 miles of their restaurant. From the succulent meats of Roseda Farms to the bountiful harvests of The Family Farm and the artisanal creations of Taharka Brothers (featured in their mouth-watering Bananas Foster), each of Chef Zack Trabbold’s dishes showcase the region’s finest, elevating your dining experience to new heights.

5745 Furnace Ave., Elkridge

Nestled off the banks of the Patapsco River in historic Elkridge, farm-to-table is a way of life at The Elkridge Furnace Inn. Their fully organic gardens yield heirloom vegetables and a mushroom house. Partnering with local farms like Myrtle Woods Farms, Copper Penny Farms and Greg’s Eggs, all within ten miles, they craft a menu showcasing seasonal delights, such as sherry-roasted beets and mezcal-marinated hanger steak. Chef Dan Wecker ‘s expertise and foraged wild edibles ensure an unforgettable dining journey, harmonizing local farming and culinary artistry.

1709 N Charles St., Baltimore

Embracing a unique farm-to-table concept, the menu at Foraged is a testament to chef Chris Amendola’s passion for local and seasonal ingredients, especially those he forages himself, like the recently featured chicken of the woods and hemlock reishi mushrooms. With each dish, diners savor the flavors of the season, as the menu constantly evolves to showcase the freshest local offerings. Combining a chef’s love for nature with the art of cooking (earning Amendola a 2023 James Beard nomination for Best Chef mid-Atlantic), Foraged delivers an ever-changing array of local flavors and ingredients year-round.

3300 Clipper Mill Road, Suite 400, Baltimore

At True Chesapeake, located in Baltimore’s Clipper Mill neighborhood, diners can delight in oysters harvested from their very own oyster farm on St. Jerome Creek, where brackish waters give the oysters a distinctive flavor. Starting from scratch, the farm now boasts over 5 million responsibly harvested bivalves. On your next visit to True Chesapeake, be sure to slurp down the succulent skinny dippers or huckleberries, showcasing the fruits of their sustainable and thriving oyster farm.

3700 Hooper Road, New Windsor

With a steadfast commitment to sustainability, Atlas Farm is a fully organic property in Carroll County that cultivates a vibrant array of produce — from tomatoes, carrots, and sugar snap peas to pumpkins and spaghetti squash — with bountiful harvests, nourishing over 30 of Atlas Restaurant Group’s restaurants in Baltimore and beyond. Providing a genuine farm-to-table experience while celebrating the purest local ingredients, you’re guaranteed to get a taste of their homegrown flavors while visiting one of their properties.

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4825 Long Green Road, Glen Arm

Prigel Creamery, a cherished establishment in Glen Arm, takes pride in crafting exceptional ice cream using dairy sourced from their own Bellevale Farm. With an organic certification since 2008, their cows thrive on natural, grass-fed grazing, promoting their good health and producing high-quality milk. In addition to producing delicious ice cream, Prigel Creamery is dedicated to community, sustainable land stewardship, humane animal treatment and the economic viability of their farm.

7421 Maple Lawn Blvd., Fulton

Ananda, located in Maple Lawn, enjoys a close relationship with its adjacent Ananda Farm, owned by Binda Singh. Sing and his family tend to chickens and ducks and cultivate a diverse range of seasonal herbs and vegetables, including zucchini, leeks, cauliflower and spinach, which find their way onto Ananda’s menu. With a focus on local sourcing and sustainability, Ananda prides itself on using all-natural ingredients and maintaining a GMO-free menu, ensuring a delightful dining experience with a conscious touch.

1633 Oakland Road, Reisterstown

Liberty Delight Farms in Reisterstown stocks the local restaurant community, including eateries like The Local and Woodberry Tavern, with the freshest, all-natural meats like beef, pork, chicken, lamb, turkey, and even rabbit, in addition to tasty treats like beef jerky and sausage. Even the crops their animals are fed come from their own farm or are sourced from local farmers who meet high-quality standards. Their livestock is allowed to roam and graze on lush pastures, ensuring they grow naturally without any antibiotics, growth hormones or stimulants. And now, they’ve become more than just a farm. In 2020, Liberty Delight Farms opened their very own Gourmet Market, a local storefront offering products from over 50 talented chefs, farmers and small businesses showcasing their farm-to-table creations.

Farmers Markets and Available Online

At Max’s Degrees, flavor reigns supreme. Sourcing the finest ingredients, many of which they cultivate themselves, Max’s Degrees creates their own salt and spice blends. One of my favorites is the legendary Vampire Slayer blend, crafted with a perfect harmony of black garlic, pecan wood-smoked garlic, slow-roasted fresh garlic, and black lava salt. It’s a garlic lover’s dream, and a delicious addition to almost any dish. While they don’t have a storefront yet (stay tuned!), you can get your salts and spices delivered or find them at local farmers markets throughout Baltimore.

15819 Old York Road, Monkton

Take a beautiful drive through the countryside to visit Manor Tavern in Monkton, which beckons visitors with its exceptional farm-to-table approach. While there, you can stroll through their expansive gardens where a cornucopia of herbs and vegetables thrive throughout the spring and summer seasons, or watch (from a distance) as their beekeeper harvests honey from their on-site hive. With a menu that changes regularly, Manor Tavern showcases the best of their homegrown produce, crafting delectable dishes, like their crimson beet and summertime steak salads, that celebrate supporting local businesses (and I’m not just saying that because I assist with their social media).

Chris Franzoni is a Baltimore native, resident, food fanatic and “eater-in-chief” of @EatMoreBeMore, which he started eight years ago with two goals – eating his way through the city and shining a positive light on the Baltimore-area restaurant and hospitality scene.