A mix of Brent Faiyaz’s “All Mine” lyrics over the late Young Dolph’s “Preach” instrumental blasts from the speakers at Noir Ultra Lounge. Bargoers joyfully nod their heads and attempt to sing along to the dual track. It’s Friday night, which means Daveology is behind the music.

Daveology, known more formally as David Felder II, is an incredibly in-demand DJ. Spinning on “Faded Fridays” at Noir is the 26-year-old’s current bread and butter, and he’ll soon start performing there on Sundays, too. His mixes can also be heard at least three or four times a week at other venues, such as his regular gig at Vibes Hookah Lounge for “Smoke Out Thursdays,” or his stints at Rosa’s Bar & Grill.

Daveology favors popular genres like hip-hop and R&B for his sets, but his seamlessly polished transitions and outside-the-box mixes are what make him stand out among a sea of DJs. Mashups like Faiyaz and Young Dolph showcase Daveology’s knack for blending, and he’s always revealing more: He recently posted Instagram reel previews for mixes that pair Peezy’s popular “2 Million Up” single with Wayne Wonder’s “No Letting Go,” and another of SZA’s “Snooze” over the instrumental from Michael Jackson’s “The Lady in My Life.”

Daveology’s interest in the inner workings of music goes back to his school days. Raised in the Owings Mills area, some of his fondest memories were car rides with his father, listening to mixes from the legendary Baltimore DJs that occupied radio station 92Q’s airwaves.

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Later, as he pursued a recording arts degree at Florida’s Full Sail University, he spent weekends searching for opportunities to show off his talents. “We’d literally just drive around to different house parties with my DJ equipment stuffed in my friend’s trunk, just hoping there wasn’t any music playing,” Daveology said, laughing. After successfully making a name for himself on campus, the DJ found the confidence to start throwing his own weekly parties with a $5 cover charge.

With the knowledge of the business side of the industry that he learned in college, Daveology and his friends formed a team called The Camp Entertainment. Consisting of five members — Daryll Estep, Tendo, Jug, Shard and Daveology himself — The Camp is in charge of promoting events where Dave or Tendo perform. More than just party promoters, though, The Camp is a collective of young Black adults who are business-oriented and determined to give people a safe and enjoyable atmosphere in which to unwind.

Daveology performs. (Daryll Estep)

Tendo recognized Daveology’s incredible work ethic when the two first met seven years ago. Their love of music bonded them as they spent hours together producing beats and crafting songs late into the night. “Dave has been on a long journey to become the most respected DJ I’ve seen in this city,” the fellow Camp DJ said. “Putting all his chips in and blossoming into the level he is today has been exciting to watch and been a pleasure to be a part of.”

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Noir Ultra Lounge founder Corey Brown is appreciative of what The Camp brings to his business because it compliments his vision of what the lounge should be. “I’ve never seen a promotional team as well-structured and organized as The Camp,” Brown said. “I was extremely transparent with Dave about what I wanted for my venue and he overdelivered. The crowd that he attracts with his following conducts themselves appropriately. We haven’t had any issues at all, no fights or anything.” That same crowd Daveology attracts also frequently causes The Camp’s events to reach full capacity.

Tori Gilliam, Noir’s general manager, said she instantly recognized Daveology’s talent and that the DJ was a natural frontrunner for Friday events. “He’s incredible at reading the crowd, knowing what they should hear at the right moment,” Gilliam said. “He’s amazing at what he does.”

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Though Daveology played coy about his upcoming plans, his Instagram feed shows his sights may be set beyond Baltimore: He recently posted Instagram Stories from his time on the West Coast, where he DJed at one of the after-parties for the NAACP Image Awards.


Taji Burris has covered the Baltimore music scene since 2015 for outlets such as The Working Title and The 4th Quarter, and now at the Baltimore Banner. 

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