Tae Wilson and Reggie Street host a listening party for their upcoming collaborative project, ‘Proud Of Us Now?’

Published on: August 17, 2022 at 6:00 am EDT

Updated on: August 17, 2022 at 8:58 am EDT

Baltimore’s Tae Wilson and Reggie Street are gearing up to release their 11-track collaborative project, “Proud Of Us Now?” Before doing so, though, the duo decided to host a private listening party.

Wilson, formerly known as Lil Tae, found early popularity as a battle rapper during the early 2010s. Around 2017, he started garnering more support with songs like “Together,” a frenetic single about the unity among Tae and his crew. Three years later, Tae capitalized on his momentum by landing a two-album distribution deal with WorldStarHipHop, an internationally popular platform for all things hip-hop culture. The more reserved Reggie Street has been making a name for himself locally as a videographer as well as a rapper. He had his own standout track in 2017, “Hard Times.”

Both artists often use a fast-paced, punchline-heavy approach in their music, so they complement each other with ease. The duo have frequently appeared on each other’s music, with the biggest song from both being “Walk,” a Tae Wilson track featuring Street and George Gambino. Regarding their chemistry, “We got the same respect, we got the same morals, I ain’t gonna say we got the same amount of kids cause he got way more than me,” Reggie jokes. “But listen, he calls me every day, and every time he calls me guess who I got. My son. And every time I call him, he got his kids.”

Located at the popular recording studio, Studio Compound on Snader Avenue, the “Proud Of Us Now?” listening session included several guest appearances from some of Baltimore’s favorite rap artists. The established, often-viral Bandhunta Izzy, who appeared on the remix of Tae’s 2017 “Together” hit, mingled toward the tail end of the event. TSO Tadoe, who has a feature on “Proud Of Us Now?,” also arrived fashionably late. His appearance sparked a memorable moment as about 40 people surrounded him, Tae and Reggie. The audience flashed their phones on the artists, mimicking the latest TikTok trend that sees participants imitating artists recording popular hits in a studio.

“I feel like with us, bro, we’re still young but with our mindset, we think ahead,” Tae said. “We still young but we like ‘Bro, let these youngins enjoy it.’ I feel like why everybody mess with us is because we can still make music that gravitates to the young ones. So we got the younger people and of course, our regular fan base.”

The listening event doubled as a music video shoot for “I’m Da Type,” a single for the upcoming project. Bright green and white LED lights illuminated the room while videographers filmed Reggie, Tae and a select group of friends mouthing lyrics, sipping from Casamigos-filled cups and exhaling blunt smoke. “I’m Da Type” is a braggadocious high-energy track that was crafted to be played at parties and clubs. From the audience’s reaction, the duo accomplished their goal.

Reacting to the reception from everyone in attendance, Reggie said, “I like the response we got tonight. It makes me feel like we need to do a deluxe cause we got more tracks everybody need to hear and this just shows everybody gonna rock with it.” Tae was also impressed, saying, “We packed this out and it was invite-only and we just started promoting it like a week and a half ago. I’m just glad everybody here kept it real and was saying if they liked it or not.”

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