Interested in homes for sale in Baltimore City? The townhouse located at 2342 Eutaw Place in Baltimore has been sold for $525,000, with the new owners taking possession of the property in March. The house, built in 1907, has a living area of 4,332 square feet and was sold at a price per square foot of $121.

Additional houses have been sold close by in the past six months:

  • In December 2022, a 1,840-square-foot home on Linden Avenue in Baltimore sold for $275,000, a price per square foot of $149.
  • A 5,329-square-foot home at 1821 Eutaw Place in Baltimore sold in December 2022 for $485,000, a price per square foot of $91.
  • On Linden Avenue, Baltimore, in November 2022, a 3,168-square-foot home was sold for $665,000, a price per square foot of $210.

The median price per square foot for a home in Baltimore City increased in the past week from $140 to $148. In total, 162 real estate sales were recorded in the area during the past week, with an average price of $240,005, $160 per square foot. A house in Baltimore that sold for $1.1 million tops the list of the most expensive real estate sales in Baltimore City in the past week.

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