In a now-viral clip on the website once known as Twitter, Fox News host Laura Ingraham gleefully laughs with guest Raymond Arroyo over a supposed gaffe by President Joe Biden.

The gaffe in question? In remarks about artificial intelligence, Biden mentioned the James Webb Space Telescope.

“AI is all around us. Much of it is making our lives better,” Biden said in the remarks. “AI is helping the National Weather Service predict weather events. Helping [the] Webb Telescope manage half a million miles of galaxies away ...”

Ingraham, of course, had questions. I think I have some answers for the Fox News host who appeared not to realize the Webb Space Telescope exists — even though a search for it on the Fox News website produces more than 600 results.

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“Did he call it the Webb Telescope?” she asked.

Yes. The James Webb Space Telescope is a much more advanced telescope than the Hubble Space Telescope. It’s operated out of Baltimore, at the Space Telescope Science Institute on the Johns Hopkins University campus.

“Isn’t it the Hubble?” she continued.

No. While there is a Hubble Space Telescope, it has been in operation for 30 years and is no longer the bright shiny new object. The Webb has been in operation for more than a year, and teams in Baltimore are responsible for keeping it running and producing the stunning images of space we get from it.

“Is he thinking Webb Hubble?” she asked, between peals of laughter.

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No. There is no such thing. Webster “Webb” Hubble was an associate attorney general under President Bill Clinton. He went to prison as part of the Whitewater investigation. No telescope is named after him.

“I don’t understand,” she finished.

No comment.

Ingraham later made an on-air apology for the snafu, saying she stood corrected by Biden, according to HuffPost.

A representative for the Space Telescope Science Institute declined to comment.

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