Some college students living in a Morgan State University residential hall say they haven’t had hot water all week.

Those impacted say they’ve been told to shower in other resident halls until the issue is fixed.

University leaders say they’ve made several accommodations at other residential halls and other places off campus, but students say it is not enough.

“The water has always been a problem since last semester,” said sophomore Kendall Green. “So, like some people, they have cold water. But now the water is not working at all from some people.”

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The co-ed residential hall sits on Argonne Drive.

According to students, it’s a fairly new building and is home to about 700 people, including Kendra Jones, who moved from Utah for school.

“I can’t even go home. I lived thousands of miles away,” Jones said.

Jones and Green are both frustrated.

“This started happening Sunday night, and it’s been going on all week like on and off,” Jones said.

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“We pay a lot of money, but we don’t get the amenities that we pay for,” Green told WJZ.

WJZ obtained two internal letters the university sent Thursday to those living in the building.

The letter states they are aware of the extent of the issue and says it is due to a system failure to two boilers – impacting multiple floors.

“Despite attempts to resolve the issue, the faulty systems proved to be more extensive than originally diagnosed. Through this process, we have been in constant communication with the technicians on site as they are working diligently to restore the hot water systems to their full capacity,” the letter stated.

“The remaining boiler at the residential facility that services the first floor is operational. Dining operations are unaffected.”

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Officials said in a statement that they’ve made several accommodations at off-campus sites and residential halls on campus.

University officials told WJZ that they are working in partnership with American Campus Communities and the Maryland Economic Development Corporation, the owner and operator of the facility, to resolve the loss of hot water impacting several floors within the residence hall.

“Onsite technicians have been diligently working to resolve the issue and a temporary solution to restore hot water will be in place within 24-36 hours. In the interim, several viable on-campus options are being made to students that will enable them to continue their daily personal regime,” MSU told WJZ.

“These accommodations have been made at other residential facilities that are in close proximity to Thurgood Marshall Residence Hall.”

Students read the letters and statements but say more needs to be done.

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“I feel like I shouldn’t have to take the shuttle and go to another residence to shower,” said Jones.

“It’s kind of harder on us because visitation ends at 10:30p on weekdays and 12a on weekends. So, for people that I get off work at 12 p.m. or they only showering during visitation hours, or how’s that been monitored after hours,” said Green.

“All in all, it’s not a horrible place to live. They just need to, you know, step it up a little bit,” Jones told WJZ.

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