Two loaded guns were found on Baltimore County public school grounds this week and resulted in the arrest of three students.

Guns were confiscated at Randallstown High School on Thursday and Chesapeake High School on Monday.

A letter sent to parents of Randallstown High students on Thursday afternoon stated school administrators and a safety assistant observed a student “behaving suspiciously” in the hallway. The school resource officer was contacted and searched the student. A handgun was discovered.

“The weapon was immediately confiscated, and the student was detained,” the letter stated. “The Baltimore County Police Department is investigating this incident.”

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Trae Corbin of the Baltimore County Police Department said the 16-year-old student was arrested “without incident.”

At Chesapeake High School, school officials said administrators noticed a group of students “acting suspiciously and exchanging an unidentified backpack” on Monday during dismissal. Staff notified the school resource officer. He was joined by a Baltimore County Police officer, who found a gun in the backpack.

Two students were detained, according to a Tuesday letter sent to parents, and BCPS is investigating. The students are 14 and 16 years old, Corbin said.

Both letters to parents stated that possession of any weapon on school property is a serious offense and the students will be punished in accordance with the student handbook and policy.

Charles Herndon, spokesperson for the school system, said safety assistants were “instrumental” in the Randallstown High incident. They were “doing exactly what they should have been doing,” he said.

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In both cases, he said, safety protocols in place came into play. He applauded the people involved who prevented anything more from occurring.

“It’s good to know we have some eyes and ears out there taking appropriate actions when these incidents happen,” he said.

Herndon said these things don’t happen often, but when they do, school staff is going to “nip it in the bud when we can.”

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