A man’s profane meltdown over a crying baby on a flight from Baltimore to Florida went viral in an explicit TikTok posted Tuesday.

“That child has been crying for 40 minutes,” the man said to crew members in the video, which had around 260,000 views as of Friday morning. “Calm that child down, please.”

When the attendants asked the man to stop screaming, he replied, “I’m not screaming. Do you want me to scream? I’ll [expletive] scream. Please stop the baby.”

The poster “bad_ideas_galore,” whose name is Mark Grabowski, explained in the video the flight was stuck in a holding pattern on the way to Fort Lauderdale and eventually diverted to Orlando. The flight took off from Baltimore, according to a witness who spoke to a Rhode Island news outlet.

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Later in the nearly four-minute video, the man said, “We are in a [expletive] tin can with a baby in a [expletive] echo chamber and you want to talk to me about being [expletive] OK?”

Grabowski said the man refused to get off the plane, so every traveler had to deplane. Orlando Police said officers escorted him off the plane, but the man was not under arrest.

Finally, the enraged man was recorded speaking with staff at Orlando International Airport before eventually walking away with police.

“Well, that’s probably not how his wife imagined their Florida getaway going,” Grabowski speculated at the end of the video.

WJZ did not immediately receive a response to a request for comment from Southwest Airlines.

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