An artist said his second mural dedicated to the victims of the Key Bridge collapse was vandalized.

Roberto Marquez, a muralist from Dallas, Texas, said he noticed the damage Saturday morning when he returned to work on the piece, which is on Fort Smallwood Road.

“I pulled up and the first thing I saw was those big holes and I was surprised,” said Marquez, adding that there was no damage when he left Friday evening. “We have seven panels altogether and only two were saved. The others were damaged.”

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He shared a video with WJZ showing large holes cut into multiple canvases and broken support beams.

The work honored the six construction workers -- Alejandro Hernandez Fuentes, Dorlian Castillo Cabrera, Maynor Suazo-Sandoval, Miguel Luna, José Mynor López, and Carlos Hernandez -- who died after the cargo ship Dali crashed into the bridge, causing it to collapse on March 26.

Marquez said the work on this second mural took him about three days, and now, he won’t be able to finish.

“All of this work literally is blood out of the victims, tears from the victims’ families and many other people, and sweat from many other people who contributed,” Marquez said. “Even though it wasn’t a pleasant end to it, there are a lot of people who cooperated, and I want to thank them all. Hopefully, we get to see each other some time and they can see that I tried my best to do something for them.”

WJZ’s Dennis Valera spoke with Marquez on Thursday about his efforts in making the second mural.

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The original mural has been placed in storage along Key Highway. When that happened, the victims’ families told Marquez they’d like to see another mural for their loved ones.

“I didn’t feel good because this was a mural that was going to be more connected to the victims’ relatives because they asked me if I could do something, especially for them,” Marquez said. “It kind of touched me real strong.”

The crosses, flags and other elements of the tribute are staying at the memorial site.

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