Gov. Wes Moore and I made a commitment to Marylanders to leave no one behind. It isn’t a tagline. It’s a value statement.

Delivering on this commitment starts from the top down, but the solutions come from a movement built from the ground up.

So, the moment the election was over, we assembled the most diverse and inclusive transition team in Maryland’s history to participate in a historic and unprecedented civic engagement process.

More than 5,000 Marylanders representing every corner of our great state joined us to identify the state’s biggest challenges, develop solutions and help set the Moore-Miller administration’s priorities.

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The Moore-Miller transition team’s expertise, time and commitment to building a more equitable Maryland culminated with a comprehensive report with policy recommendations that will guide our administration. I was honored to serve as the chair of this historic team.

Our team included experts who have dedicated their lives to helping Marylanders — people such as Joseph Jones, who co-chaired the transition’s Unlocking Opportunity committee. Jones is a former Baltimore social worker who saw a lack of resources for fathers and started the Center for Urban Families, a service organization that empowers low-income families by supporting fathers and mothers.

It also included Marylanders with careers spent serving their communities — among these were Judy Frumkin, who joined the transition’s committee on education with more than 30 years of experience as a high school teacher in Maryland public schools.

Our team was made up of experts in their fields, no matter the issue — people such as Doug Legum, an environmentalist and fierce advocate for conserving and sustaining Maryland’s native oyster population.

Gov. Moore and I know that Marylanders don’t just offer solutions, they want to be a part of the solution. They are willing to roll up their sleeves and come to the table to get the work done.

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The recommendations put forth by the transition team in this report are thoughtful, thorough and innovative. The governor and I, through our administration, are swiftly implementing many of them. For example, the Family Prosperity Act: Gov. Moore introduced legislation to permanently extend the Earned Income Tax Credit and expand the Child Tax Credit — two of the most effective policy tools to lift families out of poverty.

This report is a demonstration of how Gov. Moore and I will lead: by keeping our promises. We’ll listen to Marylanders, because those closest to the challenge are closest to the solution, and deliver solutions by collaborating and working together with the Maryland General Assembly.

It also demonstrates that our commitment to service is more than just an idea, it’s a principle we can put into practice.

The Moore-Miller Transition Report will guide our administration as we govern. Gov. Moore and I are deeply grateful to the entire transition team for their leadership and sincere commitment to serve the state we all love, Maryland.

Let’s build a Maryland where we leave no one behind.

Aruna Miller is the 10th lieutenant governor of Maryland.